road-map-xBelow is shown our preliminary roadmap. The list will be updated every time, when new idea appears, when some feature is under development or is already implemented.

The order is not fixed, can be changed any time when the development flow or the players requires/request it.

The gameplay parameters are permanently tweaked for better balanced experience and the game objects/models/animations are replaced/enhanced during the development.

Actualised changelog is below the Roadmap.

Roadmap updated: 09.04.2018

  • Island generation
  • Island Cluster generation
  • Endless Island Clusters generation
  • Optimization I
  • Bugfixing I
  • Structural Grid based Building System
    • Base elements and modules
    • Material aging
    • Building repairing
    • Building demolition
    • Quality degradation by environmental elements
    • Letting rain/wind inside based on building quality and material
    • different building materials with different parameters for walls/roofs
  • Crafting
    • material list to use
    • crafting hits needed
    • real material counts (what you see is what you need)
  • 4 environmental elements
    • Temperature
    • Wind
    • Rain
    • Sun
  • Bugfixing II
  • Inventory system
    • backpack
      • model/equipping – functionality on/off
      • functionality
    • sidebag
      • model/equipping – functionality on/off
      • functionality
    • toolbelt
      • model/equipping – functionality on/off
      • functionality
    • weight limit
    • volume limit
    • ‘favorites’ functionality
    • quick menus for Craft, Build, ToolBelt
    • limiting the player abilities
      • running
      • swimming/dive
  • Cooking system
    • campfire
      • customizable CookPlaces
    • smoker
    • tba …
  • Hunting system
    • spear
      • in_hand
      • throw
    • hammer/axe/rock
    • bow
  • Floatable objects
    • raft – paddle
    • ‘boat’ – sail
    • modularity
    • mount/dismount of modules
    • building on the boat
    • sleeping on the boat
    • wind/wave effects while sleeping
  • Sailing
    • base functionality
    • more realistic functionality
    • player can speed up time when no event is occuring
  • Bugfixing III
  • Complex environment model
    • based on location
    • based on season
    • modified by Scenarios
    • weather
      • temperature
      • wind
      • rain
    • fauna
      • based on location
      • based on season
    • flora
      • based on location
      • based on season
  • 6 weather Scenarios/modifications
    • Wet
    • Dry
    • Cold
    • Hot
    • Windy
    • Calm
  • Fire system affected by wind and rain
    • Burnable items have ‘wet’ property based on rain/water/sun effect
    • Fire quality depends on ‘wet’ property of the burnable items
    • CampFire turn on/off, availability based on rain/wind
  • RealFeel system based on environmental elements
    • shadow/sunlit
    • open wind/windchill – percentual value
    • dry/wet – percentual value
    • inside/outside of building
  • Fruits/vegetables
    • Coconut
      • green
      • brown
    • tba …
  • Animals
    • Crab
    • Fish
    • Shark
    • Oysters
    • Seagull – colony islands
      • nests/eggs
    • tba …
  • Bugfixing IV
  • Island types/Biome types
    • rocky/dry
    • bushes
    • forest
    • normal
  • Menu system
    • basic
    • main menu
    • game
      • new game
      • custom game
      • custom difficulty
    • settings
  • GUI
    • popup system
    • tutorial system
    • player status
      • for testing
      • final
  • User Stat System
    • Evolving stats
    • from time to time player can choose to boost some stat?
  • Custom characters at start
    • unique starting stats
    • male/female character
  • Geolocation measuring
    • Compass
    • Sextant
  • Map making
    • local islands map – compass is needed
    • cluster map – sextant is needed
    • triangle based map generation
  • Save system
  • WaterWorld
    • system for generating endless underwater world
    • scalable system capable of maintaining 100s of objects in the near vicinity of the player
      • fishes
      • vegetation
  • First EA release
  • Bugfixing V
  • Optimization II
  • Bugfixing VI
  • Story mode
  • Typhoon system
  • Tsunami system
  • Farming system
  • Clothing
  • Bugfixing VII
  • Minigames – to pass the time
  • Optimization III
  • finalize menu system
  • customizations
  • complete remodeling of all ingame 3d object models
  • remake of character/model animations
  • new types of animals
  • new types of vegetation

If you have some other questions, ask them. We will try to answer them in detail.

Roadmap Changelog

(only main goals listed, the complete list in this stage of development can be endless …)


  • player can choose between Male/Female character (Male character mesh implemented only)
  • player can choose custom “body type” of the character
  • expanded evolving player stats (list can be expanded in the future)
  • from time to time the player can choose which stat to boost


  • completed weather modifier settings on custom screen, see our post here
  • completed environment system based on players geolocation, it is interesting to travel between latitudes and seasons đŸ™‚


  • completed Map making system, see our page here


  • completed Modular Raft system, see our post here
  • updated local island map generation
    • when the player sees 2 or more islands, he is in local cluster
    • when he sees only 1 island, he is on the edge of the local cluster. If he is not prepared for surviving on the open ocean couple of days, better turn back
    • when there are no islands on the horizon, the player is on the open ocean between island clusters


  • completed Fire system, see our post here
    • Burnable items have ‘wet’ property based on rain/water/sun effect
    • Fire quality depends on ‘wet’ property of the burnable items


  • completed Sextant, World Map and Sundial system, see our post here


  • Many bugfixes, optimalizations, getting things together
  • Crafting system completed
  • 4 environmental elements completed
  • Building on the boat completed
  • Weather simulation engine completed
  • Weather Scenarios/modifications combinations raised to 27
  • Fire system affected by wind and rain – completed
  • RealFeel system based on environmental elements – completed
  • Coconut – small green, big green, brown


  • Many bugfixes, optimalizations, getting things together
  • Main menu completed
  • New Game dialog completed
  • Completed inventory equip/usage on/off system for BackPack, SideBag, ToolBelt
  • Inventory volume limit added
  • Customizable CookPlaces (add/remove rocks as cookplaces) for CampFire added
  • ‘Favorites’ functionality added
  • Quick menus for Craft, Build, ToolBelt added


  • Many bugfixes, optimalizations, getting things together II
  • Completed inventory functionality with models created for BackPack, SideBag, ToolBelt
  • UI and functionality for ‘Custom Difficulty’ is completed
  • Completed WaterWorld, some images can be seen here: Devlog #5
    • system for generating endless underwater world
    • scalable system capable of maintaining 100s of objects in the near vicinity of the player
      • fishes
      • vegetation

23.02.2018 – Release Alpha 01

  • first release

02.03.2018 – Release Alpha 02Alpha 02 – Save system, Inventory fixes, tweaks

  • Save System:
    • 01. Changed: Enabled “Save” button in Ingame Pause menu
      02. Added: Added “Save Game” dialog
      03. Changed: Enabled “Continue” button in SinglePlayer menu
      04. Added: Added “Continue Game” dialog
      05. Changed: “Load” button in SinglePlayer menu is hidden for now, with more save slots later reactivated
      06. Changed: Enabled save for Player properties
      07. Changed: Enabled save for Weather
      08. Changed: Enabled save for touched/dropped items
      09. Changed: Enabled save for crafted items
      10. Changed: Enabled save for Buildings
      11. Added: Save for Crates
      12. Added: Save for Inventory Backpack
      13. Added: Save for Inventory SideBag
      14. Added: Save for Inventory ToolBelt
      15. Added: Save for Pockets
      16. Added: Save for Shells, Crabs (Dead and Alive), Bananas
      17. Added: Save for Hints
      18. Added: Save For Skills
      19. Added: Save for CampFire
      20. Added: Save for Banana Palms
  • Inventory:
    • 01. Fixed: Correct weight calculation when dropping an item directly from the Inventory while holding another item in hands
      02. Fixed: Fixed item disappearing when moving identical items to one slot with storage almost full
      03. Fixed: Inventory overall Weight is now directly cleared to ensure there isn’t any remaining not-zero-value
      04. Fixed: Item disappearance from hand when the player moved other item to the hand slot
      05. Fixed: Overall Weight displaying error
      06. Fixed: Correct dropping items from the Toolbelt when in Inventory
  •  General:
    • 01. Fixed: CampFire blueprint is correctly placed (not turning over)
      02. Fixed: Don’t place blueprint while clicking Hint Screen
      03. Fixed: Equipping Oysters while swimming does not make player go airborne
      04. Fixed: Fire-Saw has correct weight and volume
      05. Fixed: Thick Branch has correct weight and volume
      06. Fixed: Green and Brown Coconuts on Palms have correct weight and volume
      07. Fixed: All Shards (Hammer, Axe, Knife) have correct volume
      08. Fixed: Hammer, Axe and Knife have correct weight and volume
      09. Added: What’s new Menu button is highlighted when new information is unread
      10. Tweak: The “Swim with Weight” Hint screens show up before the player starts to swim
      11. Added: “Hit” sound for Primitive Knife and for all Shards (Hammer, Axe, Knife)
      12. Added: Tools now break when Durability reaches 0 because of Hit activity
      13. Added: Tools now break when Durability reaches 0 because of Crafting activity
      14. Tweak: Durability of the Primitive Hammer and Primitive Axe was set to 1000 (hits)
      15. Tweak: Burning time of the complete campfire now set to 4 ingame hours

04.03.2018 – Release Alpha 02 hotfix 01Alpha 02 hotfix 1 – Inventory and Save system fixes

  • 01. Fixed: After loading a previous saved game the player stats are not maxed out
    02. Fixed: The BackPack and the SideBag dropped from the inventory are fully interactable again
    03. Fixed: Items not intended to be able to put into Bags are correctly dropped when another item is equipped in hands
    04. Fixed: Spawning multiple hand items when equipping items from ground with Toolbelt item in hand stashed back to toolbelt
    05. Fixed: New crafted Small Crates aren’t pre-filled with items from older Small Crates anymore
    06. Fixed: Initializing when continuing previously saved game after some building were built
    07. Fixed: When starting a new game objects built in previous game session are correctly removed

09.03.2018 – Release Alpha 03Alpha 03 – The Night of the Living Save 2

  • Save System:
    • 01. Added: Save for Canoe
      02. Added: Save for paddling on Canoe
      03. Added: Save for Sail Masts
      04. Added: Save for Sails
      05. Added: Save for Rudders
      06. Added: Save for Buildings on the Raft
      07. Added: Save for Maps
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Canoe Log LOD3 materials corrected
      02. Added: Used items in hand do not get deformed anymore
      03. Fixed: Small Palm trunk spawns 2x Thick Branches correctly again
      04. Fixed: Robust Foundation Pillars not flying away anymore after loading the game
      05. Fixed: Notify events won’t be shown during the loading phase
      06. Added: Prevent equipping items into hands (from Inventory/toolbelt) while paddling
      07. Added: Notify text “Unable to paddle with item equipped”
      08. Added: Ability to remove incomplete Blueprints from Raft Buildings
      09. Fixed: Detaching the raft module does not make it sometimes fly away
      10. Fixed: The raft modules from which other raft modules were detached do not roll over anymore
      11. Fixed: Dead crab won’t get resurrected after loading when cooking in CampFire before saving
      12. Fixed: Dragging the Raft now works correctly
      13. Fixed: Detached raft module does not become non-interactive in some cases

16.03.2018 – Release Alpha 04Alpha 04 – Tree chopping, Blueprint placement, Tweaks

  • New features:
    • 01. Changed: New Blueprint placement method added for: Canoe Log, Raft Base, Simple Bed
      02. Changed: The continuous hit sequence with a tool can be triggered by holding the Left mouse button
      03. Changed: The continuous Craft sequence with a tool can be triggered by holding the Left mouse button
      04. Added: [Hold] text in the ActionBar for “Hit” button
      05. Changed: Palm Tree falling mechanic. Trees won’t freeze in the air after chopping anymore
      06. Changed: The TimeFlow constants in the Custom Game screen has been changed to: 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day
  • Inventory:
    • 01. Fixed: Moving equipped tool from the Toolbelt “To Bag” doesn’t create tool clone
      02. Fixed: Tool from toolbelt which is actually equipped in hand and being dropped from Inventory screen will now be correctly dropped
      03. Fixed: Attempt to equip an item into hand with hotkey 1-4 from a toolbelt slot that has no item assigned does not break toolbelt functionality
      04. Fixed: Dropping toolbelt from Inventory screen with toolbelt item held in hand also drops the held item correctly
      05. Fixed: Toolbelt weight is re-calculated correctly when equipped toolbelt tool through hotkeys 1-4 is moved away from Toolbelt in Inventory screen
  • Raft:
    • 01. Fixed: Detaching of the “Root” Raft base module (the first to which the other Raft base modules were attached) is functioning correctly now
      02. Fixed: Not completely detached Raft base modules do not break Raft functionality
      03. Added: Raft base module icon in the ActionBar is now correct
      04. Fixed: Attaching a Raft Base module to another Raft Base module which is already holding a Sail Mast doesn’t break raft functionality anymore
  • Building:
    • 01. Fixed: Half Walls can be correctly built between Half Pillars also
      02. Fixed: Robust and Weak Pillar Half modules have correct icons in Craft/Build menu now
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Coconut Pots are reusable after drinking from them
      02. Added: Coconut Pots are preserving their “Drinkable” status after Save/load
      03. Fixed: The ingame time is correctly set after Save/Regenerate/Load sequence
      04. Tweak: Hunger/Thirst degradation rate while sleeping is set to 10% of the normal value
      05. Tweak: Health regeneration rate while sleeping is set to 200% of the normal value
      06. Fixed: Oysters have correct weight and volume
      07. Fixed: Bashed coconuts still on trees do not make spawned stripped coconuts and coconut husks disappear when Palm Fronds are chopped off
      08. Fixed: ToolBelt doesn’t get invisible when holding in Hands
      09. Fixed: Small Rocks have correct size after dropped from hand again
      10. Fixed: Correct starting of a New game after the previous game was saved_and_loaded far away from the starting island
      11. Fixed: Correct “Regenerate” of a new starting island after the previous game was saved_and_loaded far away from the starting island
      12. Fixed: Item names in the Description part of the Craft/Build menu aren’t clipped anymore
      13. Fixed: Crab has correct ‘burned’ and ‘cooked’ icons in Inventory
      14. Fixed: TimeFlow setting is correctly applied at game start
      15. Tweak: The Shore Foam parameters were altered a little

18.03.2018 – Release Alpha 04 hotfix 01Alpha 04 Hotfix 1 – ToolBelt, Inventory and Save system fixes …

  • 1. Fixed: Sitting on the canoe with ToolBelt equipped doesn’t make player character airborne anymore
    2. Fixed: Swimming with ToolBelt equipped doesn’t make the player airborne anymore
    3. Fixed: Completed building items on the Rafts doesn’t render those incomplete after save/load
    4. Fixed: Holstering an equipped toolbelt tool through hotkeys 1-4 doesn’t break the inventory functionality (one of the ‘sticky fingers’ issue)
    5. Fixed: Dropping an item from the inventory while there is a toolbelt tool equipped in hands doesn’t break the toolbelt functionality

23.03.2018 – Release Alpha 05Alpha 05 – The Night of the living Save 3

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Save for interactable objects placed on rafts
      02. Added: Simple Options screen with mouse input settings
      03. Added: Dismantling blueprints gives back all of the ingredients inserted so far
      04. Added: Completed buildings and objects can be destroyed by continually hitting them with an Axe
  • Inventory:
    • 01. Fixed: Items aren’t duplicated after save/load anymore
      02. Fixed: Items aren’t disappearing after save/load anymore
      03. Fixed: Drag&Drop on items after save/load doesn’t break Inventory functionality anymore
      04. Fixed: Moving an item from the Hand slot to another slot doesn’t break the Inventory functionality
      05. Fixed: Moving an item from the Hand slot to a Crate doesn’t make crate items disappear
      06. Fixed: Internal code fixes to eliminate some of the ‘Save breaking’ issues
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: CampFire placement is correct after Save/Load
      02. Added: When CampFires with no small rocks added around it burns down the empty campfire disappears
      03. Added: When the player gets back all of the small rocks from an already burnt down campfire the campfire disappears

30.03.2018 – Release Alpha 06Alpha 06 – Key Re-assignment, Raft Fixes and more…

  • Raft:
    • 01. Fixed: Big rafts aren’t breaking apart after Save/Load
      02. Fixed: Some of the raft base elements don’t become non-interactable anymore
      03. Fixed: Some of the raft base elements of big rafts aren’t disappearing after Save/Load
      04. Fixed: Registering the attached raft base objects to another raft base objects is correct now (not causing breaking apart later)
      05. Fixed: Repetitive attaching/detaching of the same raft base element doesn’t break the raft functionality
      06. Fixed: Rafts aren’t occasionally sinking after save/load anymore
      07. Added: Rafts don’t begin to rotate in the air when dragged
  • Inventory:
    • 01. Fixed: Crate inventory items aren’t disappearing after save/load
      02. Fixed: Crate inventory items aren’t duplicated after save/load
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Thirst level is now dropping correctly when players character temperature is below 37
      02. Fixed: Internal popup message when focusing palm fronds with a knife in hand is not shown anymore
      03. Fixed: Cancelling a not yet completed blueprint does not spawns additional tools used during finalizing anymore
      04. Added: Basic/First Key Re-Assignment functionality

06.04.2018 – Release Alpha 07Alpha 07 – #Railing, #Tides and #FixingTheRaftII

  • New Features:
    • 01. Added: New cheap Railing
      02. Added: Basic Tide functionality (maximum level for now is +/-0.5 m)
      03. Added: Status Notification for Thirst
      04. Added: Status Notification for Hunger
      05. Added: Status Notification for Body Temperature
      06. Added: Status Notification for Tiredness
      07. Added: Status Notification for Health
      08. Added: Hint Screen for Hunger
      09. Added: Hint Screen for Thirst
      10. Added: Hint Screen for High Body Temperature
      11. Added: Hint Screen for Low Body Temperature
  • Save System:
    • 01. Fixed: Chopped but not touched palm frond heads are saved/loaded correctly
      02. Fixed: Chopping previously saved/loaded palm frond head won’t generate flying and non-destructible coconuts
      03. Fixed: Some possible issues causing previously saved games not being loaded are fixed
      04. Fixed: Some possible issues causing some of the Raft Base modules not being loaded correctly are solved
  • Raft:
    • 01. Fixed: Buildings on Rafts won’t make rafts rotate or sink
      02. Fixed: SailMast, Sail and Rudder won’t collide with the player character or make the raft rotate or sink
  • Options:
    • 01. Added: Options element for Show Hints
      02. Added: Options element for Main Volume
  • General:
    • 01. Added: BluePrints of buildable objects can be rotated in both direction while not placed
      02. Tweak: Tiredness is increasing many times slower now
      03. Tweak: Thirst and Hunger are displayed the other way around (0 is the minimum value, 100 maximum)
      04. Fixed: Coconut positioning on Palms won’t make chopped palm trees rotate around on the ground