road-map-xBelow is shown our preliminary roadmap. The list will be updated every time, when new idea appears, when some feature is under development or is already implemented.

The order is not fixed, can be changed any time when the development flow or the players requires/request it.

The gameplay parameters are permanently tweaked for better balanced experience and the game objects/models/animations are replaced/enhanced during the development.

Actualised changelog is below the Roadmap.

Roadmap updated: 01.04.2021

  • Island generation
  • Island Cluster generation
  • Endless Island Clusters generation
  • Optimization I
  • Bugfixing I
  • Structural Grid based Building System
    • Base elements and modules
    • Shelters
      • Old Shelter
      • Simple A-Type shelters
        • Model 1
        • Model 2
        • tba
      • Simple Huts
    • Material aging
    • Building repairing
    • Bulding materials
      • coconut palm
      • banana palm
      • grass
      • tba
    • Building demolition
    • Quality degradation by environmental elements
    • Letting rain/wind inside based on building quality and material
    • different building materials with different parameters for walls/roofs
  • Crafting
    • material list to use
    • crafting hits needed
    • real material counts (what you see is what you need)
  • 4 environmental elements
    • Temperature
    • Wind
    • Rain
    • Sun
  • Bugfixing II
  • Inventory system
    • backpack
      • model/equipping – functionality on/off
      • functionality
    • sidebag
      • model/equipping – functionality on/off
      • functionality
    • toolbelt
      • model/equipping – functionality on/off
      • functionality
    • weight limit
    • volume limit
    • ‘favorites’ functionality
    • quick menus for Craft, Build, ToolBelt
    • limiting the player abilities
      • running
      • swimming/dive
  • Cooking system
    • campfire
      • customizable CookPlaces
    • smoker
    • Torch
      • Simple Stick Torch
      • Advanced Crafted Torch
      • Bandage Torch
    • Coconut Pot Candle
    • soup
      • boiled fish
      • boiled meat
      • boiled egg
      • boiled fish +egg
      • boiled meat + egg
      • boiled turtle egg
      • boiled fish + turtle egg
      • boiled meat + turtle egg
      • tba ,,,
    • different liquid types
      • water
      • salt water
      • oil
      • fish oil
      • coconut oil
      • wax
      • palm wax
      • rum/wine
    • salt
      • salted meat
    • dew catcher
    • tba …
  • Hunting system
    • spear
      • in_hand
      • throw
    • hammer/axe/rock
    • bow
  • Floatable objects
    • canoe – paddle
    • long canoe for transport
    • ‘raft’ – sail
    • modularity
    • mount/dismount of modules
    • building on the boat
    • sit&wait on the boat
    • sleeping on the boat
    • wind/wave effects while sleeping
    • attach objects to Raft
  • Sailing
    • base functionality
    • more realistic functionality
    • player can speed up time when no event is occuring
  • Time fast forward
    • Sit down and wait
      • Ground
      • Raft
  • Bugfixing III
  • Complex environment model
    • based on location
    • based on season
    • modified by Scenarios
    • weather
      • temperature
      • wind
      • rain
    • fauna
      • based on location
      • based on season
    • flora
      • based on location
      • based on season
    • Volumetric lighting
    • Volumetric Clouds
      • unique Storm system
  • 6 weather Scenarios/modifications
    • Wet
    • Dry
    • Cold
    • Hot
    • Windy
    • Calm
  • Fire system affected by wind and rain
    • Burnable items have ‘wet’ property based on rain/water/sun effect
    • Fire quality depends on ‘wet’ property of the burnable items
    • CampFire turn on/off, availability based on rain/wind
  • RealFeel system based on environmental elements
    • shadow/sunlit
    • open wind/windchill – percentual value
    • dry/wet – percentual value
    • inside/outside of building
  • Fruits/vegetables
    • Ripening system
      • basic fruit ripe/regrow system 
      • more realistic mechanic
    • Coconut
      • green
      • brown
    • Banana
      • yellow
      • green
    • Papaya
      • yellow
      • green
    • tba …
  • Animals
    • Crab
    • Fish
    • Turle
      • nests/eggs
    • Shark
    • Dolphin
    • Gecko
    • Jellyfish
    • Oysters
    • Seagullcolony islands
      • nests/eggs
    • tba …
  • Bugfixing IV
  • Island types/Biome types
    • rocky
    • dry
    • bushes
    • forest
    • normal
    • lagoon
    • grassy
  • Collectibles/interesting objects
    • Crate
    • Old Shelter with Lantern
    • Burnt down Campfire
    • Ship Wrecks
    • Boat Wreck with Paddle
    • Old Iron Axe
    • Old Wood Hammer
    • Old Telescope
    • Old Watch
    • Old Pistol
    • Old Knife
  • Menu system
    • basic
    • main menu
    • game
      • new game
      • custom game
      • custom difficulty
    • settings
  • GUI
    • Sailing UI 
    • popup system
    • tutorial system
    • hint system
    • player status
      • for testing
      • final
  • User Stat System
    • Evolving stats
    • from time to time player can choose to boost some stat?
    • Stats degrading over time if “not used”
  • Achievements
    • Basic (survive, pick, kill …)
    • Extended (dive, run, paddle, sail, …)
    • Challenge
  • Custom characters at start
    • unique starting stats
    • male/female character
  • Geolocation measuring
    • Compass
    • Sextant
  • Map making
    • local islands map – compass is needed
    • cluster map – sextant is needed
    • triangle based map generation
  • Save system
  • WaterWorld
    • system for generating endless underwater world
    • scalable system capable of maintaining 100s of objects in the near vicinity of the player
      • fishes
      • vegetation
  • First EA release
  • Bugfixing V
  • Optimization II
  • Bugfixing VI
  • Ripening system
  • remake of character/model animations
  • Clothing
  • Story mode
  • Typhoon system
  • Tsunami system
  • Farming system
  • Bugfixing VII
  • Minigames – to pass the time
  • Optimization III
  • finalize menu system
  • customizations
  • complete remodeling of all ingame 3d object models
  • new types of animals
  • new types of vegetation

If you have some other questions, ask them. We will try to answer them in detail.

Roadmap Changelog


  • player can choose between Male/Female character (Male character mesh implemented only)
  • player can choose custom “body type” of the character
  • expanded evolving player stats (list can be expanded in the future)
  • from time to time the player can choose which stat to boost


  • completed weather modifier settings on custom screen, see our post here
  • completed environment system based on players geolocation, it is interesting to travel between latitudes and seasons 🙂


  • completed Map making system, see our page here


  • completed Modular Raft system, see our post here
  • updated local island map generation
    • when the player sees 2 or more islands, he is in local cluster
    • when he sees only 1 island, he is on the edge of the local cluster. If he is not prepared for surviving on the open ocean couple of days, better turn back
    • when there are no islands on the horizon, the player is on the open ocean between island clusters


  • completed Fire system, see our post here
    • Burnable items have ‘wet’ property based on rain/water/sun effect
    • Fire quality depends on ‘wet’ property of the burnable items


  • completed Sextant, World Map and Sundial system, see our post here


  • Many bugfixes, optimalizations, getting things together
  • Crafting system completed
  • 4 environmental elements completed
  • Building on the boat completed
  • Weather simulation engine completed
  • Weather Scenarios/modifications combinations raised to 27
  • Fire system affected by wind and rain – completed
  • RealFeel system based on environmental elements – completed
  • Coconut – small green, big green, brown


  • Many bugfixes, optimalizations, getting things together
  • Main menu completed
  • New Game dialog completed
  • Completed inventory equip/usage on/off system for BackPack, SideBag, ToolBelt
  • Inventory volume limit added
  • Customizable CookPlaces (add/remove rocks as cookplaces) for CampFire added
  • ‘Favorites’ functionality added
  • Quick menus for Craft, Build, ToolBelt added


  • Many bugfixes, optimalizations, getting things together II
  • Completed inventory functionality with models created for BackPack, SideBag, ToolBelt
  • UI and functionality for ‘Custom Difficulty’ is completed
  • Completed WaterWorld, some images can be seen here: Devlog #5
    • system for generating endless underwater world
    • scalable system capable of maintaining 100s of objects in the near vicinity of the player
      • fishes
      • vegetation

23.02.2018 – Release Alpha 01

  • first release

02.03.2018 – Release Alpha 02Alpha 02 – Save system, Inventory fixes, tweaks

  • Save System:
    • 01. Changed: Enabled “Save” button in Ingame Pause menu
      02. Added: Added “Save Game” dialog
      03. Changed: Enabled “Continue” button in SinglePlayer menu
      04. Added: Added “Continue Game” dialog
      05. Changed: “Load” button in SinglePlayer menu is hidden for now, with more save slots later reactivated
      06. Changed: Enabled save for Player properties
      07. Changed: Enabled save for Weather
      08. Changed: Enabled save for touched/dropped items
      09. Changed: Enabled save for crafted items
      10. Changed: Enabled save for Buildings
      11. Added: Save for Crates
      12. Added: Save for Inventory Backpack
      13. Added: Save for Inventory SideBag
      14. Added: Save for Inventory ToolBelt
      15. Added: Save for Pockets
      16. Added: Save for Shells, Crabs (Dead and Alive), Bananas
      17. Added: Save for Hints
      18. Added: Save For Skills
      19. Added: Save for CampFire
      20. Added: Save for Banana Palms
  • Inventory:
    • 01. Fixed: Correct weight calculation when dropping an item directly from the Inventory while holding another item in hands
      02. Fixed: Fixed item disappearing when moving identical items to one slot with storage almost full
      03. Fixed: Inventory overall Weight is now directly cleared to ensure there isn’t any remaining not-zero-value
      04. Fixed: Item disappearance from hand when the player moved other item to the hand slot
      05. Fixed: Overall Weight displaying error
      06. Fixed: Correct dropping items from the Toolbelt when in Inventory
  •  General:
    • 01. Fixed: CampFire blueprint is correctly placed (not turning over)
      02. Fixed: Don’t place blueprint while clicking Hint Screen
      03. Fixed: Equipping Oysters while swimming does not make player go airborne
      04. Fixed: Fire-Saw has correct weight and volume
      05. Fixed: Thick Branch has correct weight and volume
      06. Fixed: Green and Brown Coconuts on Palms have correct weight and volume
      07. Fixed: All Shards (Hammer, Axe, Knife) have correct volume
      08. Fixed: Hammer, Axe and Knife have correct weight and volume
      09. Added: What’s new Menu button is highlighted when new information is unread
      10. Tweak: The “Swim with Weight” Hint screens show up before the player starts to swim
      11. Added: “Hit” sound for Primitive Knife and for all Shards (Hammer, Axe, Knife)
      12. Added: Tools now break when Durability reaches 0 because of Hit activity
      13. Added: Tools now break when Durability reaches 0 because of Crafting activity
      14. Tweak: Durability of the Primitive Hammer and Primitive Axe was set to 1000 (hits)
      15. Tweak: Burning time of the complete campfire now set to 4 ingame hours

04.03.2018 – Release Alpha 02 hotfix 01Alpha 02 hotfix 1 – Inventory and Save system fixes

  • 01. Fixed: After loading a previous saved game the player stats are not maxed out
    02. Fixed: The BackPack and the SideBag dropped from the inventory are fully interactable again
    03. Fixed: Items not intended to be able to put into Bags are correctly dropped when another item is equipped in hands
    04. Fixed: Spawning multiple hand items when equipping items from ground with Toolbelt item in hand stashed back to toolbelt
    05. Fixed: New crafted Small Crates aren’t pre-filled with items from older Small Crates anymore
    06. Fixed: Initializing when continuing previously saved game after some building were built
    07. Fixed: When starting a new game objects built in previous game session are correctly removed

09.03.2018 – Release Alpha 03Alpha 03 – The Night of the Living Save 2

  • Save System:
    • 01. Added: Save for Canoe
      02. Added: Save for paddling on Canoe
      03. Added: Save for Sail Masts
      04. Added: Save for Sails
      05. Added: Save for Rudders
      06. Added: Save for Buildings on the Raft
      07. Added: Save for Maps
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Canoe Log LOD3 materials corrected
      02. Added: Used items in hand do not get deformed anymore
      03. Fixed: Small Palm trunk spawns 2x Thick Branches correctly again
      04. Fixed: Robust Foundation Pillars not flying away anymore after loading the game
      05. Fixed: Notify events won’t be shown during the loading phase
      06. Added: Prevent equipping items into hands (from Inventory/toolbelt) while paddling
      07. Added: Notify text “Unable to paddle with item equipped”
      08. Added: Ability to remove incomplete Blueprints from Raft Buildings
      09. Fixed: Detaching the raft module does not make it sometimes fly away
      10. Fixed: The raft modules from which other raft modules were detached do not roll over anymore
      11. Fixed: Dead crab won’t get resurrected after loading when cooking in CampFire before saving
      12. Fixed: Dragging the Raft now works correctly
      13. Fixed: Detached raft module does not become non-interactive in some cases

16.03.2018 – Release Alpha 04Alpha 04 – Tree chopping, Blueprint placement, Tweaks

  • New features:
    • 01. Changed: New Blueprint placement method added for: Canoe Log, Raft Base, Simple Bed
      02. Changed: The continuous hit sequence with a tool can be triggered by holding the Left mouse button
      03. Changed: The continuous Craft sequence with a tool can be triggered by holding the Left mouse button
      04. Added: [Hold] text in the ActionBar for “Hit” button
      05. Changed: Palm Tree falling mechanic. Trees won’t freeze in the air after chopping anymore
      06. Changed: The TimeFlow constants in the Custom Game screen has been changed to: 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day
  • Inventory:
    • 01. Fixed: Moving equipped tool from the Toolbelt “To Bag” doesn’t create tool clone
      02. Fixed: Tool from toolbelt which is actually equipped in hand and being dropped from Inventory screen will now be correctly dropped
      03. Fixed: Attempt to equip an item into hand with hotkey 1-4 from a toolbelt slot that has no item assigned does not break toolbelt functionality
      04. Fixed: Dropping toolbelt from Inventory screen with toolbelt item held in hand also drops the held item correctly
      05. Fixed: Toolbelt weight is re-calculated correctly when equipped toolbelt tool through hotkeys 1-4 is moved away from Toolbelt in Inventory screen
  • Raft:
    • 01. Fixed: Detaching of the “Root” Raft base module (the first to which the other Raft base modules were attached) is functioning correctly now
      02. Fixed: Not completely detached Raft base modules do not break Raft functionality
      03. Added: Raft base module icon in the ActionBar is now correct
      04. Fixed: Attaching a Raft Base module to another Raft Base module which is already holding a Sail Mast doesn’t break raft functionality anymore
  • Building:
    • 01. Fixed: Half Walls can be correctly built between Half Pillars also
      02. Fixed: Robust and Weak Pillar Half modules have correct icons in Craft/Build menu now
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Coconut Pots are reusable after drinking from them
      02. Added: Coconut Pots are preserving their “Drinkable” status after Save/load
      03. Fixed: The ingame time is correctly set after Save/Regenerate/Load sequence
      04. Tweak: Hunger/Thirst degradation rate while sleeping is set to 10% of the normal value
      05. Tweak: Health regeneration rate while sleeping is set to 200% of the normal value
      06. Fixed: Oysters have correct weight and volume
      07. Fixed: Bashed coconuts still on trees do not make spawned stripped coconuts and coconut husks disappear when Palm Fronds are chopped off
      08. Fixed: ToolBelt doesn’t get invisible when holding in Hands
      09. Fixed: Small Rocks have correct size after dropped from hand again
      10. Fixed: Correct starting of a New game after the previous game was saved_and_loaded far away from the starting island
      11. Fixed: Correct “Regenerate” of a new starting island after the previous game was saved_and_loaded far away from the starting island
      12. Fixed: Item names in the Description part of the Craft/Build menu aren’t clipped anymore
      13. Fixed: Crab has correct ‘burned’ and ‘cooked’ icons in Inventory
      14. Fixed: TimeFlow setting is correctly applied at game start
      15. Tweak: The Shore Foam parameters were altered a little

18.03.2018 – Release Alpha 04 hotfix 01Alpha 04 Hotfix 1 – ToolBelt, Inventory and Save system fixes …

  • 1. Fixed: Sitting on the canoe with ToolBelt equipped doesn’t make player character airborne anymore
    2. Fixed: Swimming with ToolBelt equipped doesn’t make the player airborne anymore
    3. Fixed: Completed building items on the Rafts doesn’t render those incomplete after save/load
    4. Fixed: Holstering an equipped toolbelt tool through hotkeys 1-4 doesn’t break the inventory functionality (one of the ‘sticky fingers’ issue)
    5. Fixed: Dropping an item from the inventory while there is a toolbelt tool equipped in hands doesn’t break the toolbelt functionality

23.03.2018 – Release Alpha 05Alpha 05 – The Night of the living Save 3

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Save for interactable objects placed on rafts
      02. Added: Simple Options screen with mouse input settings
      03. Added: Dismantling blueprints gives back all of the ingredients inserted so far
      04. Added: Completed buildings and objects can be destroyed by continually hitting them with an Axe
  • Inventory:
    • 01. Fixed: Items aren’t duplicated after save/load anymore
      02. Fixed: Items aren’t disappearing after save/load anymore
      03. Fixed: Drag&Drop on items after save/load doesn’t break Inventory functionality anymore
      04. Fixed: Moving an item from the Hand slot to another slot doesn’t break the Inventory functionality
      05. Fixed: Moving an item from the Hand slot to a Crate doesn’t make crate items disappear
      06. Fixed: Internal code fixes to eliminate some of the ‘Save breaking’ issues
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: CampFire placement is correct after Save/Load
      02. Added: When CampFires with no small rocks added around it burns down the empty campfire disappears
      03. Added: When the player gets back all of the small rocks from an already burnt down campfire the campfire disappears

30.03.2018 – Release Alpha 06Alpha 06 – Key Re-assignment, Raft Fixes and more…

  • Raft:
    • 01. Fixed: Big rafts aren’t breaking apart after Save/Load
      02. Fixed: Some of the raft base elements don’t become non-interactable anymore
      03. Fixed: Some of the raft base elements of big rafts aren’t disappearing after Save/Load
      04. Fixed: Registering the attached raft base objects to another raft base objects is correct now (not causing breaking apart later)
      05. Fixed: Repetitive attaching/detaching of the same raft base element doesn’t break the raft functionality
      06. Fixed: Rafts aren’t occasionally sinking after save/load anymore
      07. Added: Rafts don’t begin to rotate in the air when dragged
  • Inventory:
    • 01. Fixed: Crate inventory items aren’t disappearing after save/load
      02. Fixed: Crate inventory items aren’t duplicated after save/load
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Thirst level is now dropping correctly when players character temperature is below 37
      02. Fixed: Internal popup message when focusing palm fronds with a knife in hand is not shown anymore
      03. Fixed: Cancelling a not yet completed blueprint does not spawns additional tools used during finalizing anymore
      04. Added: Basic/First Key Re-Assignment functionality

06.04.2018 – Release Alpha 07Alpha 07 – #Railing, #Tides and #FixingTheRaftII

  • New Features:
    • 01. Added: New cheap Railing
      02. Added: Basic Tide functionality (maximum level for now is +/-0.5 m)
      03. Added: Status Notification for Thirst
      04. Added: Status Notification for Hunger
      05. Added: Status Notification for Body Temperature
      06. Added: Status Notification for Tiredness
      07. Added: Status Notification for Health
      08. Added: Hint Screen for Hunger
      09. Added: Hint Screen for Thirst
      10. Added: Hint Screen for High Body Temperature
      11. Added: Hint Screen for Low Body Temperature
  • Save System:
    • 01. Fixed: Chopped but not touched palm frond heads are saved/loaded correctly
      02. Fixed: Chopping previously saved/loaded palm frond head won’t generate flying and non-destructible coconuts
      03. Fixed: Some possible issues causing previously saved games not being loaded are fixed
      04. Fixed: Some possible issues causing some of the Raft Base modules not being loaded correctly are solved
  • Raft:
    • 01. Fixed: Buildings on Rafts won’t make rafts rotate or sink
      02. Fixed: SailMast, Sail and Rudder won’t collide with the player character or make the raft rotate or sink
  • Options:
    • 01. Added: Options element for Show Hints
      02. Added: Options element for Main Volume
  • General:
    • 01. Added: BluePrints of buildable objects can be rotated in both direction while not placed
      02. Tweak: Tiredness is increasing many times slower now
      03. Tweak: Thirst and Hunger are displayed the other way around (0 is the minimum value, 100 maximum)
      04. Fixed: Coconut positioning on Palms won’t make chopped palm trees rotate around on the ground

13.04.2018 – Release Alpha 08Alpha 08 – Sleep system & Gameplay fixes

  • New Features:
    • 01. Added: New interactive Sleep screen
      02. Added: Hint Screen for Tiredness
      03. Added: Bed can be used with items equipped in hands
      04. Added: Sleeping with an Axe in hands possible
      05. Added: Sleep Screen can be closed with Escape key
      06. Tweak: Tiredness increase value is even slower when running/swimming/paddling
  • Options:
    • 01. Added: Options element for ‘V-Sync on’
      02. Added: Options element for ‘Show Player Stats’
  • Save system:
    • 01. Fixed: Fixed an issue causing buildings on other islands after save/load not shown
      02. Fixed: Fixed an issue with rafts causing not being able to continue/load a previously saved game
      03. Fixed: Fixed another issue with floatable objects causing not being able to continue/load a previously saved game
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Ramp built on Rafts is correctly registered to that Raft
      02. Fixed: ‘Stop Sailing’ and ‘Stop Steering’ in ActionBar shows correct Key information again
      03. Fixed: Brown Coconuts do not disappear after knife hits
      04. Fixed: Hint Screens are not shown when Main Screen is shown
      05. Fixed: Sleeping process will not stop because of Hint screens
      06. Fixed: Sailing re-assigned keys works correctly
      07. Fixed: Steering re-assigned keys works correctly

20.04.2018 – Release Alpha 09Alpha 09 – Sleep well, sail well

  • New Features:
    • 01. Added: New Simple Bed
      02. Added: New Simple Frond Bed
      03. Added: “(Bed) Convenience” text in SleepScreen
      04. Added: (Bed) Convenience influences how fast the player will be fully recovered
      05. Added: Functionality for ‘Sleep until SunRise’ button
      06. Added: Functionality for ‘Sleep until SunSet’ button
      07. Added: Notification ‘I am exhausted’ due to low stamina when Jumping
      08. Added: Notification ‘I am exhausted’ due to low stamina when Hitting
      09. Added: Notification ‘I am exhausted’ due to low stamina when Crafting
  • Raft:
    • 01. Fixed: Ramp blueprint doesn’t make the raft jump after save
      02. Fixed: Finalized Ramp doesn’t make the ramp jump
      03. Fixed: SailMast doesn’t collide with the player and doesn’t make the raft gain unwanted movement
      04. Fixed: Some rafts don’t break apart after loading
  • General:
    • 01. Info: Old Simple Bed renamed to Primitive Bed
      02. Tweak: Default TimeFlow value changed to 1 hour (was 30 min)
      03. Added: Set Clear Sky (No Rain) when exiting from a game where it actually rains
      04. Added: Set Clear Sky (No Rain) when regenerating a seed in Main menu from a game where it actually rains
      05. Added: Set Clear Sky (No Rain) when regenerating a seed after death from a game where it actually rains
      06. Added: Set Clear Sky (No Rain) when Custom Game Start from a game where it actually rains
      07. Fixed: No yawning when underwater
      08. Fixed: No Microsleep when swimming
      09. Fixed: Player correctly detects camp fires in close range (gains heat from them)
      10. Fixed: Small Campfire (not burned down) doesn’t disappear when extinguished
      11. Fixed: Dropped objects on other islands don’t disappear after save/load
      12. Fixed: Spawned objects (coconut husks, coconut fiber, …) on other islands don’t disappear after save/load
      13. Fixed: Crafted objects on other islands don’t disappear after save/load
      14. Added: Cooking percentage of cooked meal shown during cooking process

27.04.2018 – Release Alpha 10Alpha 10 – Mac & Cheese vs. Map & Fix

  • New Features:
    • 01. Added: Ability to “Get On” the Raft from water by pressing the “Use” key
      02. Changed: Canoe Log can be entered now only from near-surface when swimming and not from bigger depths
      03. Added: Hints List to Journal Screen
      04. Changed: ‘Options’ Screen divided into ‘GamePlay’ and ‘Controls’ sub screens
      05. Added: Temperature type (C/F) option
      06. Changed: Character Temperature text in Inventory renamed to “Body Temperature”
      07. Added: Displaying C/F for Body Temperature in Inventory
      08. Added: ‘Low Stamina influences Hit/Craft/Build’ option
  • Map System:
    • 01. Fixed: All of the visible islands can be marked again
      02. Fixed: When paddling all of the already mapped islands’ names are displayed
      03. Fixed: Aimed islands’ names ares now fully displayed (not only a part of it)
      04. Fixed: Aimed islands name isn’t shown when Pause menu is open
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Shells don’t disappear when traveling between islands
      02. Fixed: Rocks don’t re-appear after loading when they were hit but not destroyed or crafted
      03. Fixed: Palm trees don’t occasionally re-appear after loading
      04. Tweaked: Rudder handle is made a little longer
      05. Fixed: Blueprints are shown in their correct position when dragged
      06. Fixed: Campfire blueprint isn’t occasionally pushed underground or disappearing sometimes
      07. Fixed: Removed ‘Sleep’ status text when aiming at Beds

04.05.2018 – Release Alpha 11Alpha 11 – Pacific News: Spanish Crabs successfully performing Raft-Exorcism! Pages 3-11

  • New Features:
    • 01. Added: First Pass of dynamic waves (depend on wind speed)
      02. Changed: New physics for raft buoyancy
      03. Added: The Walking Crabs
  • Raft:
    • 01. Fixed: Floatable structures (Canoe Log, Raft) don’t drop from the air after loading and are correctly placed
      02. Fixed: Items on the raft don’t jump and fall off when the raft is dragged
      03. Fixed: Items on the raft don’t slide into the raft and get locked there when the raft is dragged
      04. Fixed: The raft isn’t jumping and shaking when it is dragged and there are objects placed on it
      05. Fixed: The raft doesn’t disappear when it is dragged and there are objects placed on it
      06. Fixed: The raft rotation isn’t locked when other raft bases are attached
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Player character is looking in the correct direction after loading in the first frame
      02. Fixed: Player character is located correctly after loading in the first frame
      03. Added: Experimental Spanish language
      04. Fixed: Standing on the Canoe Log beginning to paddle doesn’t break interacting functionality
      05. Fixed: Saving while paddling doesn’t break interacting functionality

11.05.2018 – Release Alpha 12Alpha 12 – Breaking News: Spanish & Russian Crabs Science Alliance (SRCSA) explains black holes

  • User Interface:
    • 01. Changed: New fullscreen image replaceing the previous EtP Logo when starting up
      02. Added: New Initializing screen with functional progressbar
      03. Added: Experimental Russian language
  • Crabs:
    • 01. Fixed: Crabs won’t walk off islands
      02. Fixed: Dead crabs won’t fall through ground
      03. Added: Crab positions are now saved
      04. Fixed: Crabs that were hit, yet alive cannot be equipped/are not edible after loading
  • Skills:
    • 01. Fixed: Base player character skills are cleared correctly at new game
      02. Fixed: Base player character skills are not cleared to zero at game continue
  • Raft:
    • 01. Fixed: Backtraced the ‘falling, flying and incorrectly placed rafts and canoes after the load’ issue down to its root cause level
      02. Fixed: Rudders won’t reverse the rafts turning direction
      03. Fixed: Sails won’t reverse propulsion direction
      04. Fixed: Sails are not attached to the very top of SailMasts anymore
      05. Fixed: Sail is attached to the SailMast in alignment with Sail Green Blueprint
  • General:
    • 01. Changed: Logo and Alpha screens order reversed
      02. Fixed: Spanish language selection is saved now
      03. Fixed: Hint screen when ‘No Backpack or Sidebag equipped’ is correctly displayed
      04. Fixed: Body temperature is set to normal when starting a new game
      05. Fixed: Floors and Roofs can be built only on a side-beam frame exactly under them and not beside them
      06. Fixed: CampFires are correctly detected and standing on them does not cause freezing anymore

18.05.2018 – Release Alpha 13Alpha 13 – Sound Track, Dynamic sounds, Buildings

  • New Features:
    • 01. Added: Multilanguage support for the Skills screen
      02. Added: Basic SoundTrack system
      03. Added: Basic music for menu, exploring and sailing/paddling
      04. Added: Music Volume options element
      05. Added: Effects Volume options element
      06. Added: Dynamic sound system
      07. Added: NightLife Sound is played based on players position on the island
      08. Added: NightLife Sound is played based also on the Sun Altitude
      09. Added: Ocean Sound is played based on Wind speed
      10. Added: Ocean Sound is played also based on players distance to the shoreline
      11. Changed: Palm Fronds sound is played based on Wind speed
  • Building:
    • 01. Fixed: It is now possible to walk up the Ramp
      02. Fixed: It is now walk on the Roof from the Ramp
      03. Fixed: It is now walk on the Floor from the Ramp
      04. Fixed: Ramp ghost building doesn’t get super wide when placing
      05. Fixed: Ramp attach system improved
      06. Added: Ramp ghost building can be rotated
      07. Changed: Side-beam frames do not require 3 simple pillar-s below them when the neighbouring side-beam frame has got 2 simple pillar-s below it
      08. Fixed: Rotating a Wall Module ghost building when snapped on but not placed yet does not iterate rapidly between -180 and +180 angles anymore
      09. Fixed: Rotating a Floor Module ghost building when not attached does not iterate rapidly between -90 and +90 angles anymore
      10. Added: Rotation Key hints to ActionBar when Floor Module ghost building is active
      11. Added: Side-Beam frame ghost building can be rotated from now on
      12. Added: Rotating a Floor Module ghost building when it is attached but not placed yet
      13. Fixed: Floatable objects (Canoe, Raft base) can be destroyed by hitting them with an axe
      14. Fixed: Not completed building modules can be destroyed
      15. Added: Height limit for Pillar-s was set to 8 meters
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Low Stamina influences Hit/Craft/Build options functioning well now
      02. Fixed: One possible issue fixed causing canoe disappearing when exiting from it
      03. Changed: Exiting the Canoe will place the Player on the Canoe and not throw him to the side of the Canoe
      04. Added: In case of multiple Sails attached to the Raft their height is set simultaneously with the one being set
      05. Fixed: Player wetness is not set to its maximal value when starting a new game

25.05.2018 – Release Alpha 14Alpha 14 – Turtles, Animal AI, UI improvements

  • Animals:
    • 01. Added: Animals (Crabs and so on) are now correctly following the terrain relief and aren’t travelling on their sides
      02. Added: Loggerhead turtle
      03. Added: Turtle basic movement
      04. Added: Crabs don’t try to push objects and rather turn over and walk away
      05. Added: Sun altitude influences crabs wandering
      06. Added: When Crabs see the player approaching from the front they try to escape
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Animated LogoScreen ProgressBar
      02. Fixed: Checked english Help screen texts
      03. Added: Multilanguage support for the Help Screen
      04. Added: Spanish Help screen texts
      05. Added: German Help screen texts
      06. Added: Chopped palm trees don’t lose their parts/trunks after loading
      07. Tweak: “Force Single Instance” option turned off
      08. Fixed: Low Stamina influences Hit/Craft/Build options functioning well now
      09. Fixed: The first chopped trunk from a very tall palm is correctly saved
      10. Fixed: The player character is no more locked in swim mode when standing on the raft after loading

01.06.2018 – Release Alpha 15Alpha 15 – Turtle Shells, Meat, Water Collector

  • New Features:
    • 01. Added: Turtle Shell ingredient
      02. Added: Meat ingredient
      03. Added: Destroying a dead Turtle gives Turtle Shell and Meat
      04. Added: Water Collector object
  • Turtle:
    • 01. Added: Turtle hides itself in Shell when hit
      02. Added: Hiding Turtle energy drops slower when hit
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Aiming at all Cookable objects in CookPlaces displays correct cooking state
      02. Added: Aiming with rock, stick, kindling and fire saw maps to CampFire in case of a CookPlace (easier aiming at campfire)
      03. Fixed: All CampFire colliders are mapped to the CampFire itself (easier aiming at campfire)
      04. Fixed: ActionBar shows “Put” shortcut for Stick Small in case of CampFire in focus
      05. Fixed: Cooked meal is correctly displayed in CookPlaces after save/load
      06. Fixed: Edible objects have their Hunger status dislayed in Inventory after switching selection from a non-tool/-drinkable object
      07. Fixed: Sea_Shell_1 (“Scallop shell”) isn’t mapped to fake oyster after save/load
      08. Added: The duration of the ‘White Screen’ at game startup was lowered and thanks to that the Alpha Screen is shown earlier
      09. Fixed: Floor collider adjusted to not prevent player getting over the last step on the ramp to the upper floor
      10. Changed: The new cooktimes (ingame minutes): Oyster 10, Crab 20, Meat 30
      11. Changed: Cookplace position (in CampFire) updated to prevent Oysters from clipping into the rocks

08.06.2018 – Release Alpha 16Alpha 16 – Eggs, Nests & Drying Racks

  • New Features:
    • 01. Added: Seagull Egg
      02. Added: Seagull nesting place
      03. Added: Seagulls land in evening and fly in the morning
      04. Added: Seagulls leave eggs randomly in their nests
      05. Added: Seagulls are “following” the player as he is travelling between islands
      06. Added: Seagulls can be scared when they are on land
      07. Added: Drying Rack
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Axe tools will not get deformed anymore due to intense usage
      02. Fixed: Dry sticks in inventory won’t be wet after save/load
      03. Changed: Turtles don’t hide in their Shells when Hit (for realistic reasons)
      04. Added: Turtles now wander on the beach based on the Suns position like Crabs do
      05. Fixed: “Paddling without legs” issue
      06. Fixed: “Lying on the canoe” issue
      07. Changed: Water Collector moved to Equipment category
      08. Fixed: Campfire blueprint correctly accepts Fire Sticks and doesn’t turn them into Small Sticks
      09. Fixed: Drinking water from the Water Collector correctly reduces thirst
      10. Fixed: Distance Islands sometimes having bad/weird ground textures when travelling between the islands
      11. Fixed: Shore Big Rocks are placed correctly on distance Islands

15.06.2018 – Release Alpha 17Alpha 17 – Attack of the Seagulls feat. Young Turtles & Wet Greenery

  • New Features:
    • 01. Added: Seagull Eggs are cook-able but not dry-able
      02. Added: Seagulls don’t fly up in the morning if there are Eggs in the nest
      03. Added: Seagulls sit on eggs, get scared by the player and are returning to nests
      04. Added: Seagulls are attacking the player when he is stealing eggs
      05. Added: vegetation gets wet in rain and slowly dries up afterwards
      06. Added: Loggerhead Turtle Young
      07. Added: Dead Crab gives meat when hit
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Ocean Wind speed is set correctly after the game is started
      02. Fixed: Player now doesn’t hold his left hand as when paddling when on land after game is loaded (when the player was paddling previously)
      03. Fixed: Player is in correct swim pose after game start (not swimming in standing pose)
      04. Fixed: BluePrints detect collisions correctly when placing the first time (WaterCollector doesn’t stay red)
      05. Fixed: Water Collector description is displayed correctly in the Craft Screen
      06. Fixed: Eggs and Bananas have correct details displayed in Inventory
      07. Added: Dry sticks in Crates don’t get wet after save/load
      08. Fixed: Seagulls are correctly initialized after game load and don’t begin to circle above their nesting places

22.06.2018 – Release Alpha 18Alpha 18 – Player vs. Seagulls & Salmon vs. Fish Traps

  • New Features:
    • 01. Added: Salmon fish object
      02. Added: Fish Trap
      03. Added: Seagull object
      04. Added: Seagulls can be killed when attacking
      05. Added: Seagulls sit down to their nests when there is an egg after game start/load
      06. Added: Mouse Thumb buttons can be re-assigned
  • General:
    • 01.Changed: UI system and font in the ActionBar replaced
      02. Fixed: Meat in inventory is correctly grouped based on their cooked state
      03. Fixed: Eggs in inventory are correctly grouped based on their cooked state
      04. Changed: Seagulls aren’t always attacking
      05. Changed: Seagulls aren’t attacking when far away when the player steals the eggs
      06. Changed: It is easier to avoid Seagull attacks
      07. Added: Only Raw Meal can be cooked or dried

29.06.2018 – Release Alpha 19Alpha 19 – Tools, Map & Islands Improvements

  • Gameplay:
    • 01. Added: Rotating crafting tool Blueprint before placement
      02. Added: Rotate key hints to Actionbar when holding a crafting tool Bueprint
      03. Added: Primitive Axe has now Touch/Collision Detect Blueprint
      04. Added: Primitive Hammer has now Touch/Collision Detect Blueprint
      05. Added: Primitive Knife has now Touch/Collision Detect Blueprint
      06. Added: BackPack has now Touch/Collision Detect Blueprint
      07. Added: Finalized Backpack has woven sides
      08. Added: SideBag has now Touch/Collision Detect Blueprint
      09. Added: Finalized SideBag has woven sides
      10. Added: ToolBelt has now Touch/Collision Detect Blueprint
      11. Added: Crate has woven sides
      12. Added: Crate has now Touch/Collision Detect Blueprint
      13. Changed: Crate has actualized Inventory Icon
      14. Changed: It is no more needed to “mark” the starting island from the second “conquered” island to unlock the triangulation system
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Stored items in Crates aren’t duplicated after save/load
      02. Fixed: Salmon in inventory is correctly identified and detail information is correctly displayed
      03. Fixed: Salmon is not glowing at night
      04. Fixed: Survived Days counter is correctly cleared when New game is started
      05. Fixed: Experience Points are correctly initialized when New game is started
      06. Fixed: Inventory Icons for Cookable items are set correctly after save/load
      07. Fixed: ActionBar does not remain on screen when ingame Menu is opened
      08. Added: Opening the Pause Menu inGame while placing a crafting blueprint correctly cancels the crafting/placing process – solves messed up interaction afterwards in new/continued game
      09. Added: Opening the Pause Menu inGame while placing a building blueprint correctly cancels the bulding/placing process – solves messed up interaction afterwards in new/continued game
      10. Fixed: Crates won’t be stretched when equipped/dropped multiple times
      11. Fixed: BackPack has correct blueprint colors (also the belts)
      12. Fixed: SideBag has correct blueprint colors (also the belts)
      13. Fixed: ToolBelt has correct blueprint colors
      14. Fixed: The ActionBar is turned off correctly when the game character dies
      15. Fixed: The map system doesn’t automatically mark a non-surfaced (non-visible from distance) underwater island as starting island
      16. Fixed: It is not possible to open the Map while swimming

04.07.2018 – Release Alpha 20Alpha 20 – Cut the Bush, Build Module Optimization & Coralfix

  • New feature:
    • 01. Added: Possibility to cut bushes to free up some space
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Clouds’ reflection in the water are correctly done just after the game is loaded
      02. Fixed: Corrected coral/reef initialization to avoid sometimes not showing them up after game load
      03. Fixed: Correct player position acquiring to avoid the situation when corals/reefs are shown in wrong positions
      04. Fixed: Player not falling through floor/to underground when being on some far remote islands after save/load
      05. Changed: Removed unnecessary components and functionality from the build modules
      06. Changed: Optimized build module initialization and data usage

26.07.2018 – Release Alpha 21 – Alpha 21 – Optimizations, Environment options, Engine improvements

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: New Environment sub-menu
      02. Added: Grass Density option and functionality
      03. Added: Vegetation Density option and functionality
      04. Added: Coral Density option and functionality
      05. Added: Coral Fish Density option and functionality
      06. Added: Fish Flock Density option and functionality
      07. Added: Environment Options with Slider and Number functionality
  • General:
    • 01. Changed: Wetness functionality optimization
      02. Changed: Buoyancy functionality optimization
      03. Changed: Palm Tree collider optimization
      04. Added: New parameters in save game file allowing engine changes
      05. Added: New internal engine changes allowing implementation of a more custom topology
      06. Fixed: Main Menu buttons correctly lose their hover state
      07. Fixed: The last used Option Submenu is correctly shown when opened again
      08. Changed: Optimized LODs for the vegetation plants, ferns, …

31.08.2018 – Release Alpha 22Alpha 22 – Tune-up: Islands, Ocean, Vegetation and Wind

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: New customizable Island topology generation system
      02. Added: New 100 meter deep ocean
      03. Added: New Vegetation models
      04. Added: New realistic vegetation wind animations
      05. Added: New customizable Wind system
      06. Added: Random rotation for vegetation
  • General:
    • 1. Added: Ground texture mapping is updated. The transition between different textures is no more square shaped
      2. Changed: Higher MainMenu island rotation maximal height
      3. Fixed: Ground texture generation in case of steep topology fixed for remote islands
      4. Changed: Breath level has been changed to allow easier breathing when swimming
      5. Changed: Vertical swim speed has been increased when swimming upwards and decreased when swimming downwards
      6. Fixed: In new game started after drowning the Air stat is now correctly 100%
      7. Changed: Updated many LOD setting for vegetation models
      8. Changed: OysterFarm Rocks are located on 0 – 20 degree steep seabed (not only on 0 – 10 degree)

13.09.2018 – Release Alpha 23 – Alpha 23 – Tune-up 2: Islands, Ocean, Sea gulls, Grass, Wind, Optimizations

  • New features:
    • 1. Added: Bigger islands
      2. Added: Colored Pacific ocean
      3. Added: Ocean water transparency based on wind strength
      4. Added: Ocean water color based on wind strength
      5. Added: Ocean underwater blurriness based on wind strength
      6. Added: Ocean got bigger distance waves compared to shores
      7. Added: Every island which is having at least one rock on the coast has its own Sea Gull flock
      8. Added: New grass model
      9. Added: New Wind intensity change model
  • General:
    • 1. Fixed: Around 25 internal engine, procedural and graphical optimizations

28.09.2018 – Release Alpha 24Alpha 24 – Spoiling system, engine fixes, optimizations

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Meal Spoiling mechanic
      02. Added: Spoiling for Banana Yellow
      03. Added: Spoiling for Meat
      04. Added: Spoiling for Seagull Egg
      05. Added: Spoiling for Salmon
      06. Added: Spoiling for Crab Fiddler
      07. Added: Spoiling for Oyster
      08. Added: Spoiling for Turtles
      09. Added: Spoiling for Coconut Meal
      10. Added: Spoiled Meal can’t be added to Drier
      11. Added: Spoiled Meal can’t be added to Cook Place
      12. Added: Spoiled Meal can be destroyed with Axe
      13. Added: Spoiling state is displayed in the Inventory as green bar
      14. Added: Meal is grouped in the inventory by 1/10th spoiling value steps
      15. Added: Food has less effect when consumed when food quality is lower than normal
      16. Added: Killed animals spawn meat with equal quality as they had when alive
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Action Bar doesn’t causes huge FPS drop down to 10% when key shortcuts are displayed
      02. Changed: Minimal island distance in the local cluster is increased
      03. Fixed: Bug in Banana trees caused banana palms not being saved, popping up on remote islands, disappearing in general as well as hovering/being buried on other islands
      04. Added: Correct drying position and rotation for Salmons
      05. Added: Correct cooking position and rotation for Salmons
      06. Added: Drying Rack drying spots increased to 15
      07. Fixed: Sea Gulls when sitting on nests are positioned higher to prevent positioned half way in on rocks
      08. Fixed: Seed number is correctly displayed in ingame menus after the game was loaded
      09. Fixed: Skill values of player character are correctly reset to zero when a new game is started
      10. Fixed: Cooking time for newly harvested Oysters is now set correctly

12.10.2018 – Release Alpha 25 – Alpha 25 – Water spoiling, Diverse diet

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Water Spoiling system
      02. Added: Diverse Diet system
      03. Added: Peeled Banana for drying
      04. Added: Coconut Flesh Cubes for cooking
      05. Added: Thumb Mouse Buttons assignment
  • General:
    • 01. Added: GUI Status Icons for Eat, Drink, Hit, Craft values of the item aimed at
      02. Added: Spoil Speed is translated to a new curve shape: slow at start, fast at end
      03. Changed: Seagull Egg spoil time has been changed to 7 days
      04. Changed: Yellow Banana spoil time has been changed to 3 days
      05. Added: Spoiling time set to 5 days for Coconut Cut
      06. Added: Spoiling time set to 5 days for Coconut Pot
      07. Added: Spoiling time set to 5 days for Coconut Green Cut
      08. Added: Water-plane for Coconut Cut
      09. Added: Water-plane for Coconut Pot
      10. Added: Water-plane for Coconut Green Cut
      11. Added: Tiny Banana plant can be chopped like other foliage (Bush)
      12. Added: Small Banana plant can be chopped like other foliage (Bush)
      13. Added: Items in Inventory will also be grouped based on their Water Level
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Palm Frond not re-appearing on Tiny Standing palms after frond was cut and saved/loaded
      02. Fixed: Already cut palm Fronds from a Small Palm that were save/loaded and chopped down don’t re-appear again
      03. Fixed: No need to chop down an already chopped Small Palm with already cut Fronds again
      04. Fixed: Correct cookstate of the cookable objects at save/load

26.10.2018 – Release Alpha 26Alpha 26 – Collectibles, Candles, Banana Building Tier, Papaya tree & fruit

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Papaya tree
      02. Added: Papaya fruit
      03. Added: Chop-able banana tree
      04. Added: Banana stem
      05. Added: Banana leaves and trunk
      06. Added: Banana leaves building tier
      07. Added: Collectibles system
      08. Added: Small Barrel for longer water preservation
      09. Added: Small Crate
      10. Added: Tankards, Bottles, Goblets
      11. Added: Candles
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Opened water container objects always rotated upwards
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: “Levitating trees” issue when travelling to remote islands after save/load
      02. Fixed: “Levitating objects” issue when travelling to remote islands after save/load
      03. Fixed: Chopped Palm Tree trunk last module doesn’t disappear when hitting it (when there are still Fronds)
      04. Fixed: “Disappearing objects” issue when travelling to remote islands after save/load
      05. Fixed: “Disappearing blueprints” issue when travelling to remote islands after save/load
      06. Fixed: “Sails above masts” issue after save/load
      07. Fixed: Correct differentiating between states of food items when placing from inventory

09.11.2018 – Release Alpha 27Alpha 27 – Wind and Sailing, Bow, New collectibles and trees

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Craftable Primitive Bow
      02. Added: Craftable Simple Arrow
      03. Added: Feathers
      04. Added: Sea Gull meat
      05. Added: Collectible Bread
      06. Added: Collectible Cheese
      07. Added: Collectible Medium and Thick Candles
      08. Added: Ficus Tree
      09. Added: Oleander Bush
  • General:
    • 01. Changed: Collectible functionality reworked for Barrel to have water in it
      02. Changed: Better Collectible spawn functionality
      03. Changed: Water profiles changed to have more waves in some lower wind speeds
      04. Added: Some randomization into the Wind profile
      05. Changed: Boat Sail Force increased
  • Fixed:
    • 01. Fixed: Issues when some objects were levitating after travelling to/returning from remote islands without a save/load
      02. Fixed: Papaya fruits on tree not spoiling now
      03. Fixed: Correct island coverage generation (sometimes the new trees weren’t spawned)
      04. Fixed: Wind direction and Speed is now set to correct values after Save/Load
      05. Fixed: Cloudiness is now set to correctly after Save/Load
      06. Fixed: Rain amount is now set to correct value after Save/Load
      07. Fixed: Small Barrel can’t be inserted to the Backpack anymore
      08. Fixed: Small Crate can’t be inserted to the Backpack anymore

23.11.2018 – Release Alpha 28Alpha 28 – Gameplay, Small Rope, Advanced Arrow, New Beds and trees

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Small Rope
      02. Added: Advanced Arrow with Rock tip
      03. Added: Schefflera Tree
      04. Added: Primitive Banana Frond Bed
      05. Added: Simple Banana Frond Bed
      06. Added: Possibility to shoot Crabs with the Advanced Arrow
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Feather spawning count increased by 1 (to 4 in total) on Nesting Rocks
      02. Changed: Bow can be added to Backpack
      03. Added: Bow can not be add to Pockets nor to SideBag
      04. Added: Feathers are grouped in Inventory
      05. Changed: Palm Frond has new Palm leaf texture
      06. Changed: Palm Trees have new Palm leaf textures
      07. Changed: Palm Frond Bed has new Palm leaf texture
      08. Changed: Primitive Bed has new Palm leaf texture
      09. Changed: Chopped Palm Frond has new Palm leaf texture
      10. Changed: All building modules have the new Palm leaf texture
      11. Changed: Banana building modules have new recipes
      12. Changed: Palm building modules have new recipes
      13. Changed: The Bow now needs also a Small Rope to craft
      14. Added: Possibility to rotate Dragged objects left/right
      15. Added: Possibility to rotate Dragged objects upwards
      16. Added: Journal key binding in Options menu Controls Tab
      17. Changed: Animal spawning percent increased from 15 to 20%
      18. Changed: Crab spawning percent decreased from 95 to 90%
      19. Changed: Turtle spawning percent increased from 5 to 10%
      20. Added: Draw and Shoot sounds for Bow in hand
      21. Added: Hotkey icons in Actionbar for rotating dragged objects left/right
      22. Added: Hotkey icon in Actionbar for rotating dragged objects upwards
      23. Added: Functionality to change the Arrow used with the Bow
      24. Added: Hotkey icons in Actionbar for Draw and Shoot with the Bow
      25. Added: Hotkey icon in Actionbar for changing the used Arrow with the Bow
      26. Added: Green Cut Coconut can be destroyed
      27. Added: Coconut Husk can be destroyed
      28. Added: Coconut Fiber can be destroyed
      29. Added: Coconut Pot can be destroyed
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Spawning and duplicating issue when breaking coconuts
      02. Fixed: Not spawning Feathers issue
      03. Fixed: Sometimes not correctly saved/loaded Feathers issue
      04. Fixed: Not spawning Seagulls after save/load issue
      05. Fixed: Correct drag&drop the Bow from hand to Inventory
      06. Fixed: Correct picking up the Bow from ground directly to Backpack
      07. Fixed: Correct disposing the equipped Bow when showing Map
      08. Fixed: Directly taking Peeled Banana from Drying Rack to Backpack is correct now
      09. Fixed: Fruit Cook-state is correctly displayed now
      10. Fixed: Added the missing name text for Banana Leaf in Inventory

14.12.2018 – Release Alpha 29 – Alpha 29 – New Raft system, Optimized physics

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: New Raft system
      02. Added: New Seagull leg meat
      03. Added: New Seagull whole leg meat
  • General:
    • 01. Changed: Optimized Physics engine
      02. Changed: Schefflera tree can be chopped down
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Banana WallHalf complete and blueprint displaying 2 missing Sticks
      02. Fixed: Drinkable WaterHolders with >= 1 Water can’t be destroyed with an Axe
      03. Fixed: Not showing Hit text in ActionBar when aiming at full Waterholder while holding Axe
      04. Fixed: Turned off Wetness for Banana Leaves in crafted/built prefabs
      05. Fixed: Turned off Wetness for Coconut Palm Leaves in crafted/built prefabs
      06. Fixed: Higher collider for Roof Wood Palm to avoid clipping into simple beds halfway
      07. Fixed: Reduced Leaf sizes to avoid clipping through Bed colliders
      08. Fixed: Equipping item from ground when Bow is equipped is working
      09. Fixed: Correctly Equipping an item from inventory via Button or Double Click when Bow is equipped

11.01.2019 – Release Alpha 30Alpha 30 – Specialized Islands, Save slots, New trees and Raft module

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: New Flora generator mechanic
      02. Added: New Fauna generator mechanic
      03. Added: 6 Tree models
      04. Added: Tree Trunk object
      05. Added: Tree Trunk Raft module
      06. Added: 4 Save slots
      07. Added: Arrow break-down mechanic
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Looking around and touching an object on the raft does not rocket the raft around
      02. Fixed: A couple of internal engine fixes
      03. Fixed: Attaching a Roof module to a building on a Raft is correct (not jumpy)

01.02.2019 – Release Alpha 31Alpha 31 – Save profiles, Wind Indicator, Peeled Papaya and Canoe

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Save profiles
      02. Added: Wind Indicator
      03. Added: Peeled Papaya
      04. Added: Canoe Trunk
  • General:
    • 01. Changed: Coconut islands generated more often
      02. Changed: More animals spawn (instead of only 1-2 in some cases)
      03. Changed: Strong wind ocean profiles have 100% wave size
      04. Changed: Wave sizes under normal conditions reduced for coasts (to not flood the grassy levels so much)
      05. Added: Meal drier can be repositioned
      06. Added: Water collector can be repositioned
      07. Added: Dragged objects do not rotate freely
      08. Added: Dragged objects do not push other objects around
      09. Added: Dragged objects do not push floatable objects around
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Load Menu is correctly multi-language
      02. Fixed: Load Menu is correctly closed with ESC key
      03. Fixed: Collectible barrels and chests aren’t disappearing on remote islands

24.02.2019 – Release Alpha 32Alpha 32 – Volumetric lights & clouds, Storms, new Lantern, Sail and Trunk build modules

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Volumetric Cloud system
      02. Added: Volumetric Lighting
      03. Added: Unique Storm and Cloud mechanic
      03. Added: Raining under angle
      04. Added: New Liquid: Oil
      05. Added: Lantern
      06. Added: Build modules: Stable Trunk Foundation Pillars, Stable Trunk Pillar, Stable Trunk Side-Beam Frame
      07. Added: Banana sail
      08. Added: Candles sensitive to weather
      09. Added: Spawning fallen coconuts
  • General:
    • 01. Changed: Liquid amount is displayed in 1/10 precision
      02. Added: New texture for old palm sails
      03. Added: Spawning more Coconut palms on Forest type islands
      04. Changed: Increased LOD distances for foliage and trees
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Rudder works correctly in all Wind direction/Raft orientation situations
      02. Fixed: ‘Vanishing raft’ issue when dragging a Raft with not completely lowered Sails
      03. Fixed: Correctly saved game data in case of Candles in Crates
      04. Fixed: Correctly saved Water level of some Bottles in inventory
      05. Fixed: Some internal errors when chopping Foliage
      06. Fixed: Some internal issues with Inventory
      07. Fixed: Inserted Rock to Campfire does not remain in hand

15.03.2019 – Release Alpha 33Alpha 33 – Lightning & Thunder, new Sail Mast, new Build modules and properties

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Lightning effect
      02. Added: Thunder effect
      03. Added: Storm mechanic moves the Lightning & Thunder around its center
      04. Added: Collectible Bandage
      05. Added: Wind Indicator recipe needs Bandage
      06. Added: Sail Mast with Wind Indicator
      07. Added: Sun / Wind / Rain shielding mechanic
      08. Added: New Banana build modules with increased shielding
      09. Added: Clouds Quality setting in Options menu
      10. Added: Ocean Quality setting in Options menu
  • General:
    • 01. Changed: Oil liquid has yellow color
      02. Added: Water holders more accurately indicating liquid level
      03. Changed: Object dragging system improved
      04. Added: “Drink” button in Inventory
      05. Changed: Volumetric Light Shaft intensity reduced a little
      06. Added: “Center” hotkey to ActionBar for Sail, Sail Mast and Rudder when attaching
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Objects do not fall through the Raft base when they are dragged
      02. Fixed: Sometimes not able to drink from fresh cut coconuts
      03. Fixed: Non stopping raining in Main menu after regenerating the World
      04. Fixed: Saving/Loading Crafted but not yet attached Sails do not roll up after Loading (caused almost impossible attaching)
      05. Fixed: Water holder objects became not “drinkable” anymore after using the “Eat” button in inventory
      06. Fixed: Water level not changed in Water holders after using the “Drink” button in Inventory
      07. Fixed: Coconut and Banana leaves in Sails overlapping and flickering
      08. Fixed: Sail, Sail Mast and Rudder not rotating to their default orientation
      09. Fixed: Rain droplets visible only above head in strong winds
      10. Fixed: Bad shadow level calculation during clear sky – overcast transition
      11. Fixed: Missing bananas from trees when travelling to far islands, save, load and returning
      12. Fixed: ‘Wake up’ button always disabled in Sleep screen
      13. Fixed: ‘Sleep until SunSet’ button sometimes not working correctly
      14. Fixed: ‘Sleep until SunRise’ button sometimes not working correctly
      15. Fixed: Ocean in pre-sleep colors blinked after Sleep screen was closed
      16. Fixed: Water holders shielded each other from rain when placed side by side
      17. Fixed: Mixing fresh and spoiled water caused bad final spoiled value
      18. Fixed: No shadows in Main menu when exiting a raining game
      19. Fixed: ‘Jumpy’ transition between clear sky and overcast
      20. Fixed: Meat taken from Meal Drier when dropped falls through terrain

05.04.2019 – Release Alpha 34Alpha 34 – Banana Build modules, Banana Raft and Canoe, Dead Grass, Stick Torch

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Banana Foundation Pillars
      02. Added: Banana Pillar
      03. Added: Banana Side-Beam Frame
      04. Added: Banana Raft module
      05. Added: Banana Canoe
      06. Added: Dead Grass
      07. Added: Stick Torch
      08. Added: Upgraded Campfire
      09. Added: Reusable Fire Saw
      10. Added: Foliage detail distance option
  • General:
    • 01. Changed: Raft dragging mechanic
      02. Changed: Optimized Save system
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Unable to add more sticks to fire when cooking
      02. Fixed: Incorrect aimed item description background size
      03. Fixed: Not cleared water spoil state when raining
      04. Fixed: Not correct filling with water for all Goblets
      05. Fixed: Not correct filling with water for all Tankards
      06. Fixed: Not correct filling with water for all Coconut items
      07. Fixed: Night time hot temperatures
      08. Fixed: Incorrect HP of some saved/loaded objects
      09. Fixed: Huge HP values of built building modules
      10. Fixed: Banana trunks disappear after save/load

26.04.2019 – Release Alpha 35Alpha 35 – Cooking system, Oil and Food recipes, Bandage Torch, Gameplay improvements

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Press & Hold functionality
      02. Added: Cooking system
      03. Added: Fish Oil recipe
      04. Added: Coconut Oil recipe
      05. Added: Boiled Meat recipe
      06. Added: Boiled Fish recipe
      07. Added: Boiled Egg recipe
      08. Added: Bandage Torch
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Show the actual saved Island in menu not always the Starting one
      02. Changed: More precise Meal Dryer rain check
      03. Added: Display Torch state in inventory
      04. Changed: Thirst reduction is based on the water amount drunk
      05. Changed: Refined rain check points for all water holders objects
      06. Added: Wind is affecting Torch smoke
      07. Added: Wind is affecting Torch flame
      08. Added: Rain can extinguish Torches
      09. Added: Put Torch into ground
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Not always correct Fire Stick texture in crafted CampFire
      02. Fixed: Adding not burning Fire Stick to not burning just crafted CampFire ignites it
      03. Fixed: Not possible to add Fire Sticks to CampFire when just crafted
      04. Fixed: White shining ash at night in extinguished Campfire
      05. Fixed: Pressing Esc in menu sub-dialogues closes all parent menus
      06. Fixed: Not possible to destroy some “Completed” save/loaded built objects
      07. Fixed: Torch Stick not extinguished in water
      08. Fixed: 100% ignite rate for Torch Stick and Fire Stick (now is lower)
      09. Fixed: Save/loading of ignited Torch sometimes halted the initialization procedure

17.05.2019 – Release Alpha 36Alpha 36 – Salt & Vitamin C, Ground Sleeping, Coconut Fiber Torch

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Salt mechanic
      02. Added: Vitamin C mechanic
      03. Added: Sleeping on Sand
      04. Added: Sleeping on Grass
      05. Added: Coconut Fiber Torch
      06. Added: Boiled ‘Fish and Egg’ recipe
      07. Added: Boiled ‘Meat and Egg’ recipe
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Wind affects Torch Smoke and Flames
      02. Added: Dried meal increases Thirst
      03. Added: Displaying Hunger and Thirst data for Recipes in Crafting menu
      04. Added: Displaying Vitamin C for Fruits in Inventory
      05. Changed: Inventory shows liquid levels with 0.1 precision in item details
      06. Changed: Aiming at some cook-able recipe shows liquid levels with 0.1 precision
      07. Added: Displaying Hotkey for Put Torch into Ground
      08. Added: Displaying Hotkey for Extinguish and Empty equipped Lantern
      09. Added: Displaying Hotkey for Sleeping on the ground
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Extinguishing Lanterns automatically Empties them
      02. Fixed: Impossible to drop objects and open inventory when looking at Rocks
      03. Fixed: Incorrect food type after cooking
      04. Fixed: Sometimes unable to add water to just emptied Water Holder (After oil was present)
      05. Fixed: Sometimes unable to add Boiled Meal to just emptied Water Holder (After oil was present)
      06. Fixed: Incorrect setting of Nutri-values for some Food when put into empty Coconut Pots
      07. Fixed: Unable to add Oil to Lantern when there was some oil left in it
      08. Fixed: Incorrectly recognized Cook status of Fish and Coconut Oil
      09. Fixed: UI showing drinkable amount of water in case of Oil present in Coconut Pots
      10. Fixed: Not displaying Boiled Meal status in Inventory after save/load
      11. Fixed: Grouping Raw and Boiled Oil in the Inventory
      12. Fixed: Grouping Raw and Boiled Meal in the Inventory
      13. Fixed: Coconut pot falling through ground when dropped after cooking
      14. Fixed: Saved/loaded Fish Oil indicated as Water
      15. Fixed: Sometimes unable to pick up Coconut Pot from Cooking place
      16. Fixed: Sometimes unable to pick up dried food from Drying Rack
      17. Fixed: Adding “normal Oil” to Fish or Coconut oil set the oil to “not cooked” state
      18. Fixed: Evaporating Oil
      19. Fixed: Evaporating Boiled Meal
      20. Fixed: Sometimes unable to climb Ramps

07.06.2019 – Release Alpha 37 – Alpha 37 – Sit & Wait, Paddle mechanic, Coconut Pot Candle, Building Modules

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Sit down mechanic
      02. Added: Wait mechanic
      03. Added: New Paddle system
      04. Added: Simple Paddle recipe
      05. Added: Coconut Pot Candle recipe
      06. Added: Place Coconut Pot with Salt Water onto Cooking places for fast water evaporation
      07. Added: New Roof module
      08. Added: 100% shielding Coconut Palm Build modules
      09. Added: Outline for small objects when Aimed
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Functionality to Salt Meal when Drying
      02. Added: Functionality to Salt Meal when Cooking
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Crabs, Salmon and Oyster not salt-able
      02. Fixed: Whole Seagull not salt-able
      03. Fixed: Salted and Not Salted objects grouping together in Inventory
      04. Fixed: Whole Seagull cut to parts without salt value
      05. Fixed: Peeled Papaya on Drying Rack caused Drying Rack to rotate
      06. Fixed: Not able to climb Ramp on Tilted Raft
      07. Fixed: Not able to climb Ramp when completed and saved/loaded Side-Beam Frame was above it
      08. Fixed: Missing localized Text for TakeAll button in Inventory
      09. Fixed: Missing localized description text for Bow in Craft Menu
      10. Fixed: Missing Build Menu Page when clicked there after Craft/Recipe Menu

28.06.2019 – Release Alpha 38Alpha 38 – Roof modules, narrow Ramp, Sit & Wait on Raft

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Roof modules
      02. Added: Narrow Ramp
      03. Added: Wind indicator on Half Pillar
      04. Added: Sit & Wait on Raft modules
  • General:
    • 01. Changed: Sleep-on-Ground Use key is HoldKey now
      02. Changed: Sit-on-Ground Use key is HoldKey now
      03. Changed: Quality of Stick Paddle is increased to 1500 (was 1000)
      04. Changed: Palm Fronds spawn more palm leaves
      05. Added: Wind Indicator can be stuck into Ground
      06. Added: Outline for Shells
      07. Added: Outline Small Items setting to Options/Gameplay screen
      08. Added: Displaying HP of objects in focus when available
      09. Added: Displaying Spoiling status of meal in focus when available
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Flying When Sit down and Hint comes up and was closed
      02. Fixed: Not able to enter Sleep-on-ground when Sitting
      03. Fixed: Active Hold key functionality even when it was not needed
      04. Fixed: Memory leaks when building preview modules were placed and not finalized yet
      04. Fixed: Not closed hands around paddle when exiting Canoe after using Map
      05. Fixed: Dropping Paddle from hands when using the Map during Paddling
      06. Fixed: Not Hiding Paddle when on Canoe and using Map
      07. Fixed: Showing salted status of Salmon in inventory missing
      08. Fixed: Showing salted status of dried meal missing
      09. Fixed: Incorrect Wind checking for campfire
      10. Fixed: Salt destroyed when equipped under 100% roof while raining

26.07.2019 – Release Alpha 39Alpha 39 – Banana Roof modules and Auto paddle

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Banana Roof modules
      02. Added: Auto Paddle feature
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Outline for some more small objects
      02. Changed: Updated models for Palm Roof Modules
      03. Changed: Evaporation rate was lowered to 36/72 hours for Water Holders (Coconuts) and Water Collector
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Maximum protection buildings recognized as level 3 rain protection
      02. Fixed: Not adding water to Water holder objects when the player had just enough or less water than needed for recipe
      03. Fixed: Salt spawned when the player emptied Salt Water
      04. Fixed: Missing Actionbar/inventory icon for Salt Water Cooked
      05. Fixed: Salt Water not turning to Salt when water evaporated
      06. Fixed: Water not evaporating from freshly cut coconuts

30.08.2019 – Release Alpha 40Alpha 40 – Nests & Eggs 4 Turtles, No-Nest Gull Rocks, Crouching, Paddle Wearing, Achievements

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Turtle Nest
      02. Added: Turtle Egg
      03. Added: Cook recipes for Turtle Egg
      04. Added: No-Nest Seagull Rock
      05. Added: Crouching
      06. Added: Notification about Hints not stopping game
      07. Added: Achievement System
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Configurable Crouch Key
      02. Added: Stick paddle losing sticks from it when used
      03. Added: Show Hint about aimed item functionality
      04. Added: Shown Hint can be closed with Journal key
      05. Added: Load Game screen displays the actual Screenshot from the savegame
      06. Changed: Water Collector objects filling up faster when placed under water
  • General:
    • 01. Fixed: Journal key binding saved incorrectly (messed up the Toolbelt key binding)
      02. Fixed: Hint status sometimes saved incorrectly (caused overwriting Hints when new Hints were introduced)
      03. Fixed: Coconut Pots clipping into Cooking stones when placed on them

20.09.2019 – Release Alpha 41Alpha 41 – Local achievements, Rocky Seagull Islands, Mist during rain

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Local Achievements Screen to Journal Page
      02. Added: Rocky Seagull Island
      03. Added: Mist during Rain
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Torch reacts to Wind effects
      02. Added: New Rock models
      03. Added: Notification information in NotifyBar when unlocking Achievements
      04. Added: Travel type Achievements: Walk/Run, Swim, Dive, Paddle, Sail
      05. Added: Survival type Achievements: Sleep, Triangulation, Craft, Build
      06. Added: Some percentage of Turtle Eggs get destroyed when picking up from the Turtle Nests
      07. Added: Bottles can now keep fluids fresh and unspoiled for 20% longer
      08. Added: Barrels can now keep fluids fresh and unspoiled for 50% longer
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Achievement not unlocking for Igniting Campfire
      02. Fixed: Turtle Eggs rolling around freely
      03. Fixed: Savegame Screenshots are blurry
      04. Fixed: Seagull Eggs and Turtle Eggs were different incorrectly
      05. Fixed: Hitting a Seagull with an Axe or Hammer does not kill it
      06. Fixed: Killing a Seagull with an Arrow does not trigger Achievements
      07. Fixed: Killing a Seagull with an Axe or Hammer does not trigger Achievements
      08. Fixed: Items created/gathered on remote islands disappearing after 2x Save/Load
      09. Fixed: Hitting Coconut Pot with an Axe does not destroys it
      10. Fixed: Canoe and Raft blueprints automatically complete after Save/Load
      11. Fixed: Player not getting wet when standing in Light Rain

11.10.2019 – Release Alpha 42Alpha 42 – Lagoon Island, Campfire on Floor, Candle Lantern

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Lagoon type Island
      02. Added: Candle Lantern
      03. Added: CampFire on Floor
      04. Added: CampFire on Raft
      05: Added: Sand as new crafting ingredient
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Torch reacts to Rain effects
      02. Changed: Craft Blueprint positioned closer to ingame character
  • Fixed:
    • 01. Fixed: Game halting when loading very old savegames – improved compatibility engine
      02. Fixed: Birds not landing to roost in the evening on (mainly) remote islands
      03. Fixed: Collectible Crate and Barrel ‘hanging’ in the air and not moving with the Raft after save/load
      04. Fixed: Fire-saw blueprint collides with other objects

01.11.2019 – Release Alpha 43Alpha 43 – Fasten Raft Boxes, Bench & Stool, Collectible Chest

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Fasten Boxes to Raft
      02. Added: Stool model and recipe
      03. Added: Bench model and recipe
      04. Added: Strong Rope model and recipe
      05. Added: Chest collectible
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Functionality for displaying Hint Screens with Image
      02. Added: Custom Tiredness recovery curve for Stool
      03. Added: Custom Tiredness recovery curve for Bench
      04. Added: Key shortcut hints for Map in ActionBar
  • Fixed:
    • 01. Added: Additional logging to help tracking down some issues
      02. Fixed: Crashing when saving Tree/Bush/Foliage after hitting but not cut down
      03. Fixed: Sometimes shown white rectangle in ActionBar instead of icon of the object in focus
      04. Fixed: Campfire on Raft base sometimes not correctly attached
      05. Fixed: Objects of far remote islands disappear after save/load when player was on another island
      06. Fixed: Sometimes Collectible crates were not at the exact position as before save/load
      07. Fixed: Impossible to add Kindling to Campfire when there is evidently no Kindling in it

22.11.2019 – Release Alpha 44Alpha 44 – Doors & Windows, Dragging system, Bucket

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Attach to Wall mechanic
      02. Added: 5 types of Doors
      03. Added: 5 types of Windows
      04. Added: New Dragging system
      05. Added: Collectible Bucket
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Item image shown in Journal Hint screen
      02. Added: Hint pages with Image for Bench, Stool, Green Coconut and Brown Coconut
      03. Added: ActionBar keys for Door&Window Open/Close and Next Position
      04. Added: ActionBar keys for Door&Window Attach/Detach
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Incorrect collider in Window Wall modules
      02. Fixed: Campfire on Floor sometimes not warming up ingame character
      03. Changed: ActionBar key desription positions to allow longer 2 line text display
      04. Fixed: Incorrect Actionbar Mouse button icon for some keys after they were remapped in Options
      05. Fixed: Objects attached to raft sometimes losing the attached state after save/load
      06. Fixed: Objects attached to raft sometimes displaying the attaching rope in wrong placement after save/load

13.12.2019 – Release Alpha 45Alpha 45 – Controller support & Tutorials

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Controller support
      02. Added: Tutorial system
      03. Added: Tutorials screen in Journal
      04. Added: New Small Chest object
      05. Added: New Hint screens for Doors and Windows describing the Attach/Detach procedure
      06. Added: New Tooltip texts and screens in Custom game screen describing DayForward and TimeFlow game parameters
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Top hinged position for Window panels
      02. Added: Random Placement position for Collectible objects on shore
      03. Changed: Raft rotation stopping faster
      04. Added: Optimization procedures in preparation for bigger islands
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Game load sometimes freezing up when loading very old savegames
      02. Fixed: Attached objects to Raft objects losing attached state after save/load
      03. Fixed: Objects placed on raft sometimes very jumpy
      04. Fixed: Small Barrel sometimes not correctly sitting on raft when attached
      05. Fixed: Collider for Trunk Raft Module sometimes not working
      06. Fixed: Attached object to Raft side modules not correctly attached
      07. Fixed: Objects being incorrectly attached to raft base modules after 2x save/load
      08. Fixed: Raft rocketing up after attaching Pillars or Rudders to it
      09. Fixed: Word Wid -> Wind in Scenarions Challenges screen
      10. Fixed: Floating/Jumping player character when dragging blueprints of big objects
      11. Fixed: Unable to look closely at Sailing Pillars and Rudders after save/load
      12. Fixed: Sometimes not saved attached state for Doors/Windows attached to Door/Window Wall modules built on raft
      13. Fixed: Raft jumping around after save/load when Railing was built on it
      14. Fixed: Raft jumping around after save/load when Doors/Windows was attached to Door/Window Wall modules on it
      15. Fixed: Not correctly saved detached state of Doors/Windows detached from Door/Window Wall modules

17.01.2020 – Release Alpha 46Alpha 46 – Map & Compass, Boat Wrecks & Paddles, Wind effect, Objectives

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Collectible Map object
      02. Added: Collectible Compass object
      03. Added: Special navigation Pockets in Inventory
      04. Added: Boat wrecks
      05. Added: Degradable Paddle
      06. Added: Wind sound
      07. Added: Stone Arrow
      08. Added: Old Shelter A object
      09. Added: Breathing sounds
      10. Added: Heart beat sounds
      11. Added: Quests screen in Journal screen
      12. Added: Wind affects Walking speed
  • General:
    • 01. Changed: Island 1 collectibles are on Island 2
      02. Added: Generation of Map and Compass in Small Chest on Island 2
      03. Added: Boat Wreck & Paddle spawning randomly on Shore
      04. Added: Stone arrow on Island 1
      05. Added: Old Shelter A & Objects spawning around randomly on Shore
      06. Added: Enough resources on starting island (except the Rocky one) to craft the starter tool set
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Rudder jumping/flying after detached from raft base
      02. Fixed: Sail mast jumping/flying after detached from raft base
      03. Fixed: Incorrect Icon for First Craft Campfire Tutorial
      04. Fixed: Game crash when loading some of the older savegames
      05. Fixed: Button texts for Tutorial Screen in Journal not translated

21.02.2020 – Release Alpha 47Alpha 47 – Ship Wrecks, Sharks, Primitive Shelters, Statues and more Islands

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Ship Wrecks
      02. Added: Sharks
      03. Added: Primitive Shelter recipes
      04. Added: Statues
      05. Added: Wind blows the Canoe
      06. Added: Old burnt down Campfires with collectibles
  • General:
    • 01. Changed: Increased maximal Island amount
      02. Changed: Increased bigger Island amount
      03. Added: Ritual place on one island
      04. Added: Silenced/Sleeping Seagulls on rocks at night
      05. Added: Limited backward savegame compatibility to ensure stability
      06. Added: Collectible Old Stick Paddles with degraded quality
      07. Added: Hint screen “Sails”
      08. Added: Hint screen “Walk in Wind”
      09. Added: Hint screen “Wind blows the Canoe”
      10. Added: Hint screen “Attaching the objects to Raft”
      11. Added: Hint screen “Statues”
      12. Added: Hotkey info in ActionBar for Stand Up when Sitting
      13. Added: Functionality for “Sit on floor”
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Misleading Turtle Achievement texts on Store page (First Turtle and 50 Turtles)
      02. Fixed: Incorrect Sleep_I achievement unlocking
      03. Fixed: Cropped Objective Steps lines in Quests page in Journal screen
      04. Fixed: Corrected all “Salt” texts to “Salz” in DEU language file
      05. Fixed: Sometimes not displaying Boat wrecks and old paddles on islands
      06. Fixed: Sometimes not displaying Old Shelter with Oil Lamp on islands
      07. Fixed: Incorrect hotkey icon for “Sit on Stool” in ActionBar when using Controller

20.03.2020 – Release Alpha 48Alpha 48 – Hammer & Axe and Shelter, Crates on Wrecks & Ritual place, Engine & UI tweaks, many Fixes

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Collectible Old Iron Axe
      02. Added: Collectible Old Wood Hammer
      03. Added: Ritual Place functionality
      04. Added: Spawning of Crates on Ship wrecks
      05. Added: Hotkey Numbers for Pockets (1-2) and for Toolbelt changed to 3-7
  • General:
    • 01. Added: New Subcategory Openings and Shelters in Build screen
      02. Changed: Shelter recipes moved to Build/Shelters subcategory
      03. Changed: Wall Doors and Wall Windows moved to Build/Openings subcategory
      04. Changed: Doors/Windows moved to Build/Openings subcategory
      05. Changed: Craft/Build Group buttons reworked to Toggle
      06. Changed: Heart beat and Breath sound volume lowered to 0.1 (from 0.33)
      07. Changed: Increased Stamina endurance for Craft (Lowers stamina degradation per craft hit)
      08. Changed: Chest and Box spawned on Ship wrecks with darker texture
      09. Changed: Player Real-Feel temperature model changed to not freeze during night at 25° Celsius when dry and only mild wind blows
      10. Added: Water and Dried fruit spawning on the Ritual stone
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Incorrect island generation after save/load
      02. Fixed: When Journal key is not assigned, defaults to ‘J’
      03. Fixed: Unsupported text displaying wrong in Load screen
      04. Fixed: Text for unsupported savegames was not localized
      05. Fixed: Unsupported text displaying wrong in Load Game menu
      06. Fixed: Sometimes bad Shark orientation when spawned
      07. Fixed: Sharks spawned too close to Shore (and colliding)
      08. Fixed: Shark spawned too close to Ship wreck (and colliding)
      09. Fixed: Door/Window on raft detaching from Door/Window Wall module at some distance from islands
      10. Fixed: Canoe Blueprint drifted away sometimes after they were placed
      11. Fixed: Shark name displayed as “Raw” instead of “Alive”
      12. Fixed: Small palm crate sometimes not possible to attach (when was rotated upside down) to the raft
      13. Fixed: Two Sharks spawned too close to each other (and colliding)
      14. Fixed: Small wood crate sometimes not possible to attach to the raft
      15. Fixed: Not possible to attach Small Chest to the raft
      16. Fixed: Disappearing Strong Rope (and holding nothing in hands) after detaching Crates from the Raft
      17. Fixed: Not looking in the saved direction after loading the game (only for first time) after game start
      18. Fixed: Tutorial First Time Craft Axe failed to complete
      19. Fixed: Incorrect language set for the ‘Next’ button in New Game Screen after language change
      20. Fixed: Incorrect language set for the ‘Season’ slider in Custom Game Screen after language change
      21. Fixed: WaterHolder object in inventory after drinking from isn’t moved to free slot (and removed from original slot)
      22. Fixed: WaterHolder object in inventory disappearing after drinking from and there is no free slot
      23. Fixed: WaterHolder Object that was moved to Hands from Crate gets incorrect water level in inventory when filled
      24. Fixed: Not equipping to hand (disappear) the WaterHolder if there were multiple of it and drinked from 1 of them
      25. Fixed: Palm Sail colliding with other objects and pushing them
      26. Fixed: Jumping/rotating Palm Sail after detaching from Sail Mast
      27. Fixed: Disappearing Sail when detached (after save/load), and later dropped and save/load again
      28. Fixed: Disappearing Sail Mast when detached (after save/load), and later dropped and save/load again
      29. Fixed: Disappearing Rudder when detached (after save/load), and later dropped and save/load again
      30. Fixed: Not possible to attach Chests to Raft when Raft is not in horizontal position (on steep shore)
      31. Fixed: Attached Chests to Raft makes the Raft Turn/jump after save/load when Raft was not in horizontal position (on steep shore)
      32. Fixed: Jumping Raft after Door Wall module was attached to a Stable Banana Simple Pillar on the Raft
      33. Fixed: Jumping Raft after Door Wall module was attached to a Stable Trunk Simple Pillar on the Raft
      34. Fixed: Not able to dismantle the Shelter (crafted one – not the old one on islands)
      35. Fixed: Missing icons for Tankards after there was Salt water cooked in it (and contains Salt)
      36. Fixed: Missing icons for Goblets after there was Salt water cooked in it (and contains Salt)
      37. Fixed: Cooked Coconut Flesh on Campfire results in incorrect inventory icon
      38. Fixed: Coconut Cut sometimes filled with unknown liquid after Save/Load
      39. Fixed: Coconut Green Cut sometimes filled with unknown liquid after Save/Load
      40. Fixed: Not spawning all of the required items in Crates on the Collectibles’ island (the one in direction of the Stone Arrow)

17.04.2020 – Release Alpha 49 – Alpha 49 – Grassy Island, new Build material & modules, Transport Canoe

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Optimized Grass system
      02. Added: Optimized ground texturing mechanic
      03. Added: Grassy Island
      04. Added: Tall Grass Roll build material
      05. Added: Grass based building modules
      06. Added: Long Canoe for transportation
  • General:
    • 01. Added: New realistic Rocks
      02. Added: New realistic Grass
      03. Added: Filtering possibility of materials in Build screen
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Old Iron Axe damage increased to 130
      02. Fixed: Missing Stone Arrow on some Lagoon Islands
      03. Fixed: Missing inventory icon for Banana Shelter 2
      04. Fixed: Not stackable empty Coconut pots (for originally empty Coconut pots after cooking)
      05. Fixed: Incorrect displaying ‘Empty’ hotkey for WaterHolder on Cookplace
      06. Fixed: Incorrect displaying ‘Fill’ hotkey for WaterHolder on Cookplace
      07. Fixed: Incorrect ground texture (grassy) for Rocky Islands
      08. Fixed: Incorrect HP shown for Old Stick Paddle before first use
      09. Fixed: Recipes not Cooking on CookPlaces
      10. Fixed: Not applying hunger value when Drinking Cooked recipe (for example Boiled meat and Egg)
      11. Fixed: Missing description text in inventory for Dead Grass and Old Stick Paddle
      12. Fixed: Shot down Seagulls clipping into Nest rocks
      13. Fixed: Small live Seagull body size
      14. Fixed: Auto “detaching” objects from Raft bases on the ocean when travelling to islands far away

15.05.2020 – Release Alpha 50 – Alpha 50 – Sailing UI, Fruit Ripening & Regrow System, Old Knife

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Fruit Ripening system
      02. Added: Fruit Regrow system
      03. Added: Fruit ripe stage models
      04. Added: Sailing UI
      05. Added: Collectible Old Knife
  • General:
    • 01. Added: Improved buoyancy for all canoes
      02. Added: Restriction attaching additional rudders in opposite directions than the first one
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Tall Grass Roll has no weight in inventory
      02. Fixed: Tall Grass Roll has no volume in inventory
      03. Fixed: A couple of minor internal Raft issues
      04. Fixed: Freshly harvested Brown Coconut not floating (ok after save/load)

12.06.2020 – Release Alpha 51 – Alpha 51 – Sextant, Pocket Watch, Sundial and more

  • New features:
    • 01. Added: Sundial
      02. Added: Old Sextant*
      03. Added: Old Pocket Watch*
      04. Added: Old Compass
      05. Added: Tiny Rock
      06. Added: Human Skeleton*
      07. Added: Paper Piece*
  • General:
    • 01. Added: WaterHolders are weight based on the amount of liquid in them
      02. Added: Additional Navigation Pockets for Sextant and Telescope in Inventory screen
      03. Added: Hint for Sextant
      04. Added: Hint for Compass
      05. Added: Hint for Pocket Watch
      06. Added: Hint for Sundial
      07. Added: Help screen for Sundial
      08. Added: Custom animation for hitting with Old Iron Axe
      09. Added: Functionality to Check and invalidate the SaveFile based on more parameters
  • Fixes:
    • 01. Fixed: Palm Frond not spawning when cut down from Young Banana Tree
      02. Fixed: Game freezing during loading when there were coconuts on the fronds after fronds was cut down
      03. Fixed: Rudder incorrectly moved with left/right buttons instead of Rotate left/Rotate right buttons in SailingUI
      04. Fixed: Sail incorrectly rotated with Rotate left/Rotate right buttons instead of left/right buttons in SailingUI
      05. Fixed: Incorrect hotkey displayed for Rudder rotation (the Sail ones) in SailingUI
      06. Fixed: Incorrect hotkey displayed for Sail rotation (the Rudder ones) in SailingUI
      07. Fixed: Incorrect functionality for Sail Up/Down in SailingUI
      08. Fixed: Sail left/Right hotkeys not hidden in beginner and Up levels in SailingUI
      09. Fixed: Incorrect button functionality for Sail Up/Down during Sail mode for controllers
      10. Fixed: Incorrect button functionality for Sail Left/Right during Sail mode for controllers
      11. Fixed: Incorrect button functionality for Rudder Center during Steering mode for controllers
      12. Fixed: Incorrect button functionality for Rudder Left/Right during Steering mode for controllers
      13. Fixed: Possibility to turn on Sail or Steering mode while SailingUI enabled
      14. Fixed: Still displayed Sailing hotkeys after another game start
      15. Fixed: Still displayed Steering hotkeys after another game start

15.10.2020 – Release Alpha 52 – Alpha 52 – Open World, Build module degrade/repair, Stick packs and more

  • New features:
    1. Added: Open World
    2. Added: Multi Cluster system
    3. Added: Skeleton with Small chest with Info about nearest Island Cluster
    4. Added: Seagull Flocks above ocean
    5. Added: Attaching Beds to Raft modules
    6. Added: Attaching Meal Dryer to Raft modules
    7. Added: Coconut Frond and Banana Leaves Packs
    8. Added: Multi-equip of Fire Sticks, Long Sticks, Thick Branches
    9. Added: Multi-equip of Coconut Fronds and Banana leafs
    10. Added: Storm property for Build modules
    11. Added: Quality affecting Rain/Sun/Wind properties of Buildings
    12. Added: Repair damaged building modules
    13. Added: Usage of Repair Skill
    14. Added: Repair Achievements
    15. Added: Stick/Branch pack
    16. Added: Multiple Equip functionality
    17. Added: Support for Custom Hit and Hold Animations
  • General:
    1. Changed: Save System divided into Data and Config
    2. Added: Save system divided into Experimental and Standard data
    3. Added: Possibility to Open/Close the Doors/Windows when something is equipped
    4. Added: Saving more attach data when attaching objects to Raft
    5. Added: Spoiled liquid/meal causes Health damage
    6. Changed: Spoiled liquid/meal still have some amount of thirst/hunger values
    7. Added: Support for Material Aging mechanic
    8. Added: Hit Damage based on tool Quality
    9. Added: Save game Backward compatibility checks improved
    10. Changed: Old Iron Axe damage and HP set to bigger values
    11. Changed: Old Wood Hammer damage and HP set to bigger values
    12. Changed: Old Knife damage and HP set to bigger values
    13. Changed: Primitive Hammer damage set to bigger value
    14. Changed: Tweaked Sail force to speed up the Rafts of any size (mainly the bigger ones)
    15. Added: More 3d-ish Coconut Palm Frond model
    16. Added: More 3d-ish Banana leaf model
    17. Changed: “Customize” button in New Game screen renamed to “Next”
    18. Added: Custom hold animation for all tankards
    19. Added: Custom hold animation for all goblets
    20. Added: Custom hold animation for all bottles
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed: Alpha Screen text always in English
    2. Fixed: Not displaying of Detach hotkey in ActionBar when Aiming Door/Window with Hammer in hand
    3. Fixed: Doors/Windows was possible to equip in hands (not intended)
    4. Fixed: Not effecting Rainwater in WaterHolders after they had oil or something before water
    5. Fixed: Not lowering thirst when drinking rainwater
    6. Fixed: Incorrect Spoiled Energy values for all Liquids
    7. Fixed: Sometimes incorrect spoil- and dry-up-times for all WaterHolder objects
    8. Fixed: Incorrect HitPoint data loaded for sailing objects (rudder, sail, mast, …)
    9. Fixed: Incorrect HitPoint data loaded for for floatable objects (canoe, raft , …)
    10. Fixed: Sometimes disappearing items transported and dropped on remote islands
    11. Fixed: Invalid Raft weight – solves impossible/very slow Sailing after save/load
    12. Fixed: Invalid Drag Force values – solves impossible/very slow Sailing after save/load
    13. Fixed: Not functioning Sails and Rudders after save/load after something was detached from the Raft
    14. Fixed: Incorrect saving of starting values for Latitude and Longitude
    15. Fixed: Disappeared/Relocated Canoes left on remote islands
    16. Fixed: Disappeared/Relocated Rafts left on remote islands
    17. Fixed: Sometimes failed Canoe creation after save/load
    18. Fixed: Some Forest Trees not protecting from the Sun
    19. Fixed: Some Forest Trees not protecting from Rain
    20. Fixed: Not completed Drop animation/messed up object in hand when dropping object from hand when the nearest island is not visible/far away
    21. Fixed: Not able to “Look” in detail to Pocket Watch when holding it
    22. Fixed: Not able to “Look” in detail to Paper pieces when holding them
    23. Fixed: Sometimes internal error and halting the game at re-initialization (after clicking “Regenerate” or loading a game)
    24. Fixed: Equipped/Look animation for old Pocket Watch is broken
    25. Fixed: Sticks and Branches have frozen position after save/load
    26. Fixed: Not turned off Air/Health bars after Sit on Canoe (“Use”) when swimming
    27. Fixed: Broken Main Menu loading when Survivor Died sitting on Raft/Ground
    28. Fixed: Broken Main Menu loading when Survivor Died during paddling
    29. Fixed: Unable to add material aiming to the sides of the blueprint during crafting a Floor Campfire

11.12.2020 – Release Alpha 53 – Alpha 53 – Gardening mechanic, Plank build Materials & Modules, Dew Catcher, Trunk Holder

  • New features:
    1. Added: Gardening mechanic
    2. Added: Stick Plant Boxes
    3. Added: Plank Plant Boxes
    4. Added: Potato Plant
    5. Added: Potato Tuber
    6. Added: Potato Chips
    7. Added: New Potato cooking recipes
    8. Added: Plank Material
    9. Added: Plank Build modules
    10. Added: Collectible Plank Box*
    11. Added: Collectible Cooking Pot*
    12. Added: Collectible Sealed Jar*
    13. Added: Dew Catcher
    14. Added: Trunk Holder
  • General:
    1. Added: Not able to store open waterholders when they are not empty
    2. Changed: Building maximal height has been set to 40 meters
    3. Changed: More correct water filling rate set for Bucket
    4. Added: More realistic night sky Stars
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed: Raft sometimes starts to bank/tilt after Bed was attached
    2. Fixed: Inventory item weight/count going to negative values when moving the item in batches (Shift + LMB)
    3. Fixed: Inventory item disappears after Inventory reopen after moving the item in batches (Shift + LMB)
    4. Fixed: Sometimes not working Player controls after Map was lowered/stashed
    5. Fixed: Crafted Banana Leaves Pack accepting only Coconut Palm Fronds
    6. Fixed: Banana Leaves Pack not accepting all types of Banana leaves
    7. Fixed: Pack adding animation sometimes not turning off, some player actions not working afterwards
    8. Fixed: Pack getting animation sometimes not turning off, some player actions not working afterwards
    9. Fixed: Unpacking Banana Leaves Pack gives Coconut Palm Frond
    10. Fixed: Objects attached to raft disappearing when exiting the Island Cluster
    11. Fixed: Not able to Move Lanterns to Bag
    12. Fixed: Move Burning objects to Bag
    13. Fixed: Brown Coconut fallen from Tree not floating
    14. Fixed: Brown Coconut taken from Tree and dropped later not floating
    15. Fixed: Brown Coconut moved to bag from Tree and dropped later not floating
    16. Fixed: Brown Coconut fallen from Tree disappearing after save/load
    17. Fixed: Brown Coconut taken from Tree and dropped later sometimes disappearing after save/load
    18. Fixed: Brown Coconut moved to bag from Tree and dropped later sometimes disappearing after save/load
    19. Fixed: Building on Raft position after save/load sometimes shifted (fixes only Buildings placed on rafts after this fix)
    20. Fixed: Disappearing Items attached to Raft modules that were earlier detached and re-attached from/to Rafts, followed by saving/loading. Raft sometimes also tilted
    21. Fixed: Unable to complete the First Craft Axe Tutorial with the Old Hammer (Collectible)
    22. Fixed: Unable to complete the Eating from brown Coconut Tutorial with the Old Axe (Collectible)
    23. Fixed: Unable to complete the Eating from brown Coconut Tutorial with the Old Knife (Collectible)
    24. Fixed: Disappearing meat on Dryer after Dryer was attached to a Raft
    25. Fixed: Accumulating of held but already dropped objects in hands after a Dryr was attached to a Raft
    26. Fixed: Showing Quality% faulty and further causing internal issues when Hammer was equipped and aimed at a non-repairable object and action button was clicked/pressed

19.02.2021 – Release Alpha 54 – Alpha 54 – Anniversary MEGA patch

New features:

  1. Trim grass
  2. Collectible Old Sickle*
  3. Cultivate ground
  4. Crude Shovel
  5. Carrot plant*
  6. Carrot fruit*
  7. Corn Plant*
  8. Corn fruit*
  9. New Cook recipes
  10. Composter
  11. Soiling mechanic
  12. Half doors
  13. Railings
  14. Cruising Pirate ships


  1. Added: Main menu button sounds
  2. Added: Displaying Candle/Lantern remaining count in the Aim UI
  3. Added: new Cook Recipe icons
  4. Changed: Stamina balanced and depends on the difficulty setting 
  5. Changed: Tool damage balanced and depends on the difficulty setting


  1. Fixed: Not spawning/appearing Cook Recipe Blueprint object when crafting
  2. Fixed: Not colored CookingPot in crafted Cook Recipes
  3. Fixed: Not removing Ingredients from Hand when adding to Recipe Blueprints of CookingPot recipes
  4. Fixed: Sometimes not loading objects (and in very rare situation the game crashes) due to Time rounding issues before previous save
  5. Added: Workaround for not crash (only log the issue to logfile and not show the object) after Load in case of bad Branch/Stick position in TrunkHolder before previous save
  6. Added: Workaround for not crash (only log the issue to logfile and not show the object) after Load in case of bad position of Rafts/Canoes/Objects before previous save
  7. Fixed: Sometimes bad attaching rope position after save/load when the object is attached not on its bottom side
  8. Fixed: Not able to drop the Paddle from hands and not working shortcuts after exiting the Canoe
  9. Fixed: Possibility to open ingame Build/Craft/Journal/Inventory screen while Using the Map
  10. Fixed: Possibility to open ingame Quick Build/Craft and Quick Select screen while Using the Map
  11. Fixed: Tool from Toolbelt regaining original Wear/Quality values when put back to Toolbelt (making the tool not degrading over time)
  12. Fixed: The lowest line (Durability/Vitamin C) in Inventory Detail section always shown – even when not needed
  13. Fixed: Zero Inventory Volume value for Sealed Jar
  14. Fixed: Zero Inventory Volume and Weight values for Old Compass
  15. Fixed: Zero Inventory Volume and Weight values for Map
  16. Fixed: Remaining part of boiled Lvl. 2 recipe filled to Sealed Jar acted as only Water and not the actual boiled Meal
  17. Fixed: Lost nutritious values of boiled Meal when filled in waterholder and later acts as only Water
  18. Fixed: Multiple Equipped objects left in Hand after exiting to Main Menu and starting new game or loading another game
  19. Fixed: Not Re-equipping to Hand from Inventory another identical item to actually Dropped one when it is spoiling fast (and have only Hand animation as it was holding something)
  20. Fixed: Not Re-equipping to Hand from Inventory another identical item to actually one Put to recipe blueprint when it is spoiling fast (and have only Hand animation as it was holding something)
  21. Fixed: Not hiding of Hint Notify when any of the Ingame screens is shown
  22. Fixed: Not intended possibility to quit to Main menu when Map is still opened and Start/Load another game with messed up hand animations
  23. Fixed: Sometimes spoiling of Salt in Barrels and Bottles (applies only to salt water cooked after this hotfix)
  24. Fixed: The Cut Coconut spawns in not correct upward rotation (with the open top up)
  25. Fixed: Dropped Coconuts (Brown and Green) rolling almost unstoppable
  26. Fixed: Dropped Papayas rolling almost unstoppable
  27. Fixed: Canoe ‘Jumping’ away when released/dropped from Drag operation
  28. Fixed: Easy pushing of Canoe (just crafted or loaded) placed on ground
  29. Fixed: Not Draggable Coconuts (Green and Brown) dropped from destroyed Palm Fronds
  30. Changed: More correct Mass for Small Crate (crafted and collectible), Small Chest and Medium Chest
  31. Fixed: Not Draggable Banana Palm Trunk (the shorter one) after Save/load
  32. Fixed: Not Hitable/Destroyable Banana Palm Trunk (the longer one) after Save/load
  33. Fixed: Not Draggable Banana Stem after Save/load
  34. Fixed: Banana Stem marked/shown as Salted after save/load (fix effective for newly cut down Banana Stem)
  35. Fixed: Not able to Drag any object when standing on Canoe
  36. Fixed: Transparent holes in bottom part of Banana Palm Trunk (long and short ones)
  37. Fixed: Sometimes messed up Inventory mechanic when trying to move a No-Tool to Toolbelt
  38. Fixed: Old Knife’s length continuously increasing by every Drop from hand
  39. Fixed: Sometimes messed up Inventory mechanic when:
  40. Stashing the actually Equipped Tool from Toolbelt when moving an Item to Hand
  41. Removing the actually Equipped Tool from Toolbelt when moving the Tool from Hand
  42. Stashing the actually Equipped Tool from Toolbelt when moving a Tool to the actually equipped Slot in Toolbelt
  43. Stashing the actually Equipped Tool from Toolbelt when moving the Tool from the actually equipped Slot in Toolbelt
  44. Changed: Bigger ‘Aim text’ font size
  45. Fixed: Not enough width of the ‘Aim text’ background box when:
  46. aiming at Edible object
  47. aiming at Destructable object
  48. aiming at Repairable object
  49. aiming at Cooked object