Player Stats

Our PlayerStats system brings some RPG elements to the gameplay. For more details, descriptions about all the below mentioned stats and menus, please check out our short video on youtube.

Start Menu

At the start in the custom scenario menu the player can choose whether he wants to play with Male or with Female character.


Next, there is option to choose the characters body type.

There are 4 predefined body types: Normal, Lazy, Athletic, Strong.

All of them have different body preferences: Run, Swim, Dive, Strength, Endurance.


In Game

In the game there are also much more player stats other then the base body type stats. The player stats are as follows: Run, Swim, Dive, Strength, Endurance, Craft, Build, Repair, Dismantle, Paddle, Hunt, Farm, Starving, Thirst, Chop and Firestart.

In addition to the predefined leveling system the player can get additional experience points which he can spend to boost some player stat he wants.


For more details, descriptions about all the above mentioned stats and menus, please check out our short video on youtube.

Level dropping

To maintain the tension and to make it harder to evolve a superhero in the game, the leveling system has implemented a Level dropping engine, which in some cases and for some player stats can drop the achieved level by 1.

For example, if the player on the beginning chops very big amount of trees and he reaches for example the 6.level in tree chopping, and later he mainly sails over the seven seas, the tree chopping level begins to slowly drop. The dropped stat later will be leveling up faster till it reaches the original level before the dropping.

All the player stat names, the leveling tresholds, game system modifiers at each level can be changed any time as the development continues.

If you have some other questions, ask them. We will try to answer them in detail.