The map is random, procedurally generated, based on seed also generated randomly or is given by the player.

The map size is unlimited. The only size restriction (~5500 x 5500 km (3500 x 3500 miles)) is when the game is played by story.


The islands are grouped into local clusters of 15 – 20 small islands. The number of islands in the cluster and their positions are generated randomly.

The distance between islands in the cluster is set by difficulty and by time flow constant. The distance is computed to have the turn time fall between 1-2  or 4-5 game hours.

The biome type of each islands is set depending of the clusters main biome type but with small random deviations.



The distance between clusters is much bigger than between islands in the cluster. The distance is computed as above, but the turn time will be 2-3 or 4-5 game days. The ocean between island clusters will be more rough, bigger waves, bigger winds and storms.lip_cluster_1_dayslip_cluster_3_cluster

Short video demonstrating the Island Cluster system:

Check out this video about Long Distances capability:

Another short video showing the Seamless Approach advantage of our engine:


  • How do I know I am traveled out of my cluster?
    • You don’t see any islands around.
    • The ocean is much rougher than between islands in a cluster
  • What can I expect between clusters?
    • Much harsher environmental situations as in clusters. Severe storms can make the travel more difficult or impossible to complete.
      • The wind can tear down sails
      • The waves can flip the boat
      • The wind can get calmed and you must paddle till the wind starts again

If you have some other questions, ask them. We will try to answer them in detail.

2 thoughts on “Map

  1. Hello dear developers.
    I’m quite interested in your game, because I like the idea being Robinson Crusoe. One disturbing point I have recognized for me:
    Are there in your world only so little islands? What about rocky or at least hilly ones? And bigger they could be too. In my mind I will not feel safe on so little and flat isles, because every typhoon can blow all from them or any tsunami will flood them.

    Greetings from Germany


    • Hi Thomas John,
      thank you for your interest in our game!
      There will be implemented different island types: normal, sandy, rocky, … Every island type will have its own fauna/flora – which will be dependent also on the latitude the player is actually located in the game.
      There will be of course “bigger” and big islands too – but they will we rare to find.


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