The inventory system is also complex, but tries to be easy, understandable and usable. Its base is a backpack with weight and size limitations. Every backpack type is craftable, and has 2-3 variations – small, medium, big. At the beginning, the player has no backpack and inventory system available. The amount of items in backpacks is not limited until the player reaches the weight or size limit of the actual backpack.

The Backpack

The Backpack is representing the base inventory system. The backpack is limiting the player in swimming (also can not fast swim) and its weight can draw the player underwater, so it is very advisable to drop it before going to water.


The Sidebag

Less limiting inventory system is the Sidebag. It is the smallest one, and it is not limiting the player in swimming, and is ideal for collecting oysters from the ocean.


The Toolbelt

The least limiting is the Toolbelt, that gives the player the quick access functionality and as its name descripts it can be used only for storing tools – knifes, axes, hammers. The toolbelt must not limit the user in swimming, but the weight of tools in it can draw the player underwater.


The weight in all the inventory systems is affecting the player on land so the player will be less agile until he is well trained. In case of heavy weight and an untrained player the weight can not allow him to run.

The player must be aware of the situation when he is underwater and collecting some items, that the overall weight of all inventory items (also newly collected) can not allow the player to come up for air.


The player needs to equip the crafted backpack/sidebag/toolbelt to use their functionality. All of the tree types of backpacks is equipable independently of the others. As every other crafted item, the backpacks also have durability. Over the time they can turn unusable and the player needs to craft another one.

If you have some other questions, ask them. We will try to answer them in detail.