Below are described the key elements in much more detail, trying to show how complex the game is.

For the details about other features of the game not showed here please see the other thematic pages in the menu or follow the given links from this document.


lip_cluster_2_hoursThe map is random, procedurally generated, based on seed also generated randomly or is given by the player. more info





The player can use Triangulation method to draw the map of the local islands. For the global map of the island clusters other system will be used with Sextant, which will be described later. more info


LiP_Sail_Boat_BackgroundThe sailing of any floatable module is enabled by attaching both a sail module and a direction controlling module to it. The sailing uses real physics systems to make the floatable module act realistically in wind. more info



lip_building_gridThe building system is based on real ingredients need. Every built and not completely built module can be demolished and the player get back a given percentage of items. The buildings have ability to give player shelter against weather elements. Buildings can be demolished by very strong wind and/or by a high tidal waves or by a tsunami. more info


woven_backpackThe inventory system is based on three crafted objects: Backpack, Sidebag and Toolbelt. They are used in different situations and they have their own limitations. To use their functionality they must be equipped. more info







Seasons and GeoLocation

lip_modifiersProbably the most interesting aspect of our game is the realistic Season and GeoLocation system. The actual season is calculated using the player’s actual geolocation and the day_of_the_year. The season is affecting every aspect in the game: weather, fauna, flora. more info



Sextant, World Map and Sundial

LiP_Sextant_WorldMap_SundialOne of the biggest advantage of our game engine is the dual map system. For local navigation between islands the player can use the triangulation with a compass. For global cartography and for navigation between island clusters the player must use a Sextant and eventually a Sundial when he is on land. more info

The Fire


The Fire also has great importance in our game. The player must learn how to use it effectively, because in some situations his life can depend on it: whether he can ignite his last fire or not. It may be useful to stockpile some dry wood for emergency use. more info

RealFeel Temperature

The temperature that the player feels and which will modify the effects on player is depending on many factors:

  • Sun intensity – how high is the Sun, how cloudy is the sky
  • Sunlit/shadowed player
  • Wind intensity
  • player is on some open windy place or in his building
  • Rain intensity
  • player is on open place, or under tree fronds, or in his building

Player Stats

lip_player_statsOur PlayerStats system brings some RPG elements to the game. There is also an interesting Level Drop system, which together with experience point distribution gives more custom elements to the gameplay. more info



The story (preliminary – content to reveal/expand/change)

The game is placed in the beginning of the 1800 years. One or two (in coop mode) pioneers are set off to try to make the first trans-Pacific flight in hot air balloon. Unfortunately they did not succeed (otherwise their success will be recorded in history). After days of peaceful flight the balloon gets to some severe storms. The balloon begins to lose altitude so the player must throw out every weight and also the most valuable chest. In the chest there are a compass and a binocular. After hours of gaining altitude the balloon begins to drop, but now more rapidly. The player falls off from gondola, the balloon flies some distance unmanned and crashes.

The player swims to the nearest island and the challenge begins.


The player must find and conquer all of the islands in the local cluster to find the chest he threw out of the balloon’s gondola. Till that moment the player must navigate only by common means using the Sun’s movement. When he finds the chest and the compass inside, the player can do triangulation himself on paper.

When the player builds raft capable to withstand the rough waters between the island clusters, he can conquer the next cluster he finds. In that new cluster on one island he can find the remains of his balloon. The balloon’s fiber can be used for cartography, for making better sails and for making clothes. From now if the player makes pencil (burnt thick branch) the game will enable ingame cartography based on triangulation.


The player can find in newly found cluster also a new chest from some ships captain. In the chest there is a sextant and other equipments to allow the player to measure his latitude and longitude coordinates. In the chest the player can also find a letter, that claims the captain with his ship will be on some given coordinates in the given time/season.

More story elements, quests, objectives and NPCs will be revealed during the development.

So the race for time begins. If the player is capable to reach the given coordinate in the given time/season, the game ends. If the player miss the place or the time, he must survive another year!

Player stats


The player starts as an untrained, slow, very exhaustible character. Every action stat of his character starts at the very low level. By doing things the corresponding stat will be evolving towards higher levels. There are complex interconnections between one or more stats. Some actions affects only one stat but some other actions are affecting more stats at one time.

For example: to be able to dive to bigger depths, you need evolved stamina to allow more swimming and you need evolved swimming to allow slower air deprecation over time.


The health stats are also interconnected to each other. Some of them are interconnected with Action stats also. Main health stats are:

  • hunger – doing things (fast doing) increases deprecation
  • thirst – deprecation as above plus if high RealFeel temperature, further deprecation
  • body temperature – changes slowly by RealFeel temperature, can cause severe over/under temperature effects on player
  • tiredness – the need for sleep🙂 if you are trained, your tiredness grows slower. if tiredness is high, your actions are slowed
  • health – if very hungry, thirsty, or very tired over long time, health deprecates. if reaches 0, you die. If stats are back in normal, health slowly increases.

Different health stats will act differently on players ability.

For example:

  • is player is tired only a bit, he wants to sleep only on comfortable bed, if more tired, he will sleep also on some palm fronds, if totally tired, he will sleep everywhere.
  • It is the same with time: if tired a bit, he wants to sleep only at night, if very tired, he will sleep at every daytime.
  • Next: if tired only a bit, every environment/weather change wakes him up. If very tired, he can no wake up on weather signals for tsunami and can be wake up when he will be flown away with big waves.


The crafting system has the same engine that the building system. The item system, demolition system is the same.

The crafted items have a “worn” counter. If the item is used many times, it breaks. If player have higher crafting stat, he will craft more durable items.

Weather physics

The weather will affect every item in game. Especially those not hidden in/attached to something.

  • Player – it is harder to walk, run, swim, paddle against strong wind
  • Items – strong wind can blow away your items from the island
  • Items – high tidal waves or tsunami can carry away your items


Make fire will need dry wood, dry coconut fibers etc to get the fire on. If the wood is wet, because it was raining on it, it needs drying some time. Take care where player builds his fireplace. Wind can blow it off and waves can turn off also the fire. It is needed to build fireplace under some building/tree frond if the player wants to cook also when it rains.

General tips

  • maybe the player will be better safe on his raft in case of tsunami
  • when he breaks the found binocular, with lenses it is easier to make fire. but in cost of lost binocular.

That is all for now. We will give more and more details about every aspect of the game in future updates of this page.

4 thoughts on “Details

    • Hi aphmauxarron,
      we are working on adding new features continually.
      The game is playable just now – it has enough content added to play it for a couple of hours.
      Please check out the Announcements to decide if the actual state of the game is suitable for you.
      Best regards,


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