Please Note: every 3d model shown on screenshots below is only a placeholder and will be replaced later by a better 3d model.

Structural Grid

The building system is based on structural grid of pillars and beams. The overall strength of that structural grid affects how the whole building withstands the weather effects. The grid elements are losing quality, and can be repaired or upgraded.


There are 3 key ‘quality’ of building materials: strong, medium and weak. In our case the material can be chopped wood or driftwood.


Build Elements

There are also 3 base structural elements: Foundation Pillars, Edge Beams, Pillar. As every element of the structural grid is build from above mentioned materials, the elements have also 3 strengths: strong, medium and weak.


Foundation Pillars

Every building must stand on Foundation Pillars. The only buildable objects on them are: simple Pillars (to build to more height) and Edge Beams.

Edge Beams

The Edge Beams can be built only on Foundation Pillars or the simple Pillar (when player is building multi-store buildings). All other object must be built on the Edge Beams. It holds the Floor, Roof and also the Wall Type modules. The Pillar can be built also only on the Edge Beams.


The Pillar is needed to allow the building the Wall Type modules between them. It can be built only on the Edge Beams.


The elements except the ‘strong’ are upgradable. The upgraded strength cannot exceed the strength of the ‘strong’ element. For example, the medium element can be upgraded with 1 medium element or with 2 weak elements.


The upgrade system is mainly useful when the player does not have enough materials on the beginning to build the strongest building.

Build Modules

The build modules are mounted to the existing structural grid openings. The base Build modules are: Wall type (Wall,  Window, Door), Floor and  Roof. Every build module has its own purpose and custom functionalities.

The Floor

The simplest build module is the Floor. It has no special functionality.

The Wall Type

The Wall, Window and Door build modules have the role to protect the player against the wind and the outer cold temperature. Depending of what material are they build, they have different wind or temperature isolation properties.

The wall built from lesser quality materials is letting the wind to the interior which can affect the fire inside and also can decrease the player’s RealFeel temperature.

 The Roof

The main role of the Roof module is the rain protection and to give the player the much needed shade in the hot days. It is not possible to build on the roof. Depending of what material the roof is built, it has different rain isolation properties.

The roof built from lesser quality materials is letting the rain to the interior which can affect the fire inside and also can decrease the player’s RealFeel temperature.


Every building is facing  the possibly strong wind or water elements. Depending of what strength the structural grid is built, the force needed to demolish it by wind or water also varies. The force generated by the wind or water to some module varies by the material the given module is built from. For example: the wall built from better wind isolation material has also bigger air resistance, so it gives bigger comfort inside the building, but it generates bigger destruction force. So, the player wants bigger comfort or bigger safety?

The demolished materials or modules can be reused(if they are found) by the player. They must need repair also.


The quality of every build element or module degraded by the impact of weather elements or by simple aging. The quality degradation can be easily observed by the player, for example when the before good roof begins to let the rain inside. The quality degradation by aging is much slower, but inevitable process. The modules are degrading their quality faster, than the elements of the structural grid. When the module or element reaches its zero quality, it is destroyed. If the destroyed object is a base element of the structural grid, the corresponding part of the building can collapse.

Interesting feature: when the player leaves his small hut for a long-long time, when he returns, the hut may be destroyed.

 Building Process

The player places blueprints when he wants to build something. The building system is based on real ingredients need and a defined ‘craft’ hits by a specific tool. For example, if the player sees that the empty (preview) wall module has 4 logs, 8 small logs, 10 palm fronds in it, that means, he must insert the exact number of items: 4 logs, 8 small logs, 10 palm fronds to wall preview. Plus, he need to hit it by hammer 16 times to completely build the wall module. The blueprint is changing every time the player inserts some material, so it is clearly visible, how much of which ingredient the blueprint needs to be finalized.

The game difficulty has affect on building system in way, that the amount of needed ingredients is lowered. If the player has high building stat, he will need less “finalization” hits by a crafting tool to complete the building.


Every built and not completely built module can be demolished and the player gets back some percentage of items. If the player has higher demolition stat, he will receive back more items by demolishing modules.

That is all for now. We will add more details in future updates of this page.

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