Escape The Pacific

Enter the world of everyday fight with the pure nature for your life. You will never know what tomorrow brings. You will decide, how well prepared you will wait for morning. Only some people can beat the nature in his own territory. Do you think, you are one of them?

For further details about the game please see Details or other thematic pages in the main menu. We are regularly actualizing our Roadmap, check it out!

Here are some of key elements of the game:

  • story driven or sandbox survival
  • 6 predefined scenarios: normal, hot, wet, cold, windy, calm
  • different difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard (realistic)
  • different time flow constants (real time vs. game 1 day period): 30 min, 1 hour, 2hour, for hardcore players 12 hour
  • totally customizable weather parameters in custom scenario
  • random, procedurally generated map
  • endless or ~2000 x 2000 km (1250 x 1250 miles) in story mode
  • island clusters with bigger distances between clusters
  • different island biomes: rocky, mixed, “green”, maybe forest
  • realistic sun, moon and celestial bodies movement based on latitude and the season
  • realistic tides based on moon movement
  • realistic temperatures and weather parameters based on latitude and the season
  • tsunamis, typhoons and wide variety of atmospheric and oceanographic weather elements
  • map making based on triangulation
  • modular rafts
  • realistic sailing mechanic
  • complex temperature system (sun, shadow, wind, rain …)
  • complex player stat system, every stat is dynamically changing over the time
  • achievement system
  • realistic material need in building (1 log is 1 log, 10 palm fronds are 10 palm fronds, …)
  • every crafting or building needs its time or crafting amount (hit by axe, hammer, …)
  • also 2 player coop mode
  • VR support

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