Alpha 52 – Open World, Build module degrade/repair, Stick packs and more

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Hi everyone,

the wait is over! We finally managed to re-enable the Open World functionality and added the Build Module degrade/repair mechanic as well. The Seagull Flocks are helping to navigate the player between Island Clusters on the Global Map. The Bed and Drier can be attached to the Raft modules and there are also new Stick, Branch and Palm Frond Packs, Reworked spoil system, Multi-equip system, separated config data and more. more info

Alpha 48 – Hammer & Axe and Shelter, Crates on Wrecks & Ritual place, Engine & UI tweaks, many Fixes


Hi everyone,

For this update we were mainly focusing on fixing existing issues, however we’ll have a new collectible Old Iron Axe, an Old Wood Hammer and a new Shelter too. Some goods are spawning on Ritual places and some Crates on Ship wrecks too. Pocket slots now have their hotkeys, Player character temperature mechanic has been updated and there are more game changing elements added as well. more info

Alpha 47 – Ship Wrecks, Sharks, Primitive Shelters, Statues and more Islands


Hi everyone,

For this update we were mainly focusing on adding new content to the ocean: Ship Wrecks and Sharks. On the ground we have primitive Shelters and Native’s Statues. Canoes are now affected by wind and there are some preparation works for future bigger and mixed islands also. There are more game changing elements added and a couple of the issues were fixed too. more info