Best wishes & Thank you!

Hi everyone,

another year has passed and besides of thanking you for all your support we would like to sum up the events of this year and to share some of our plans for the next year.

This year was full of bigger changes. The first important thing was the decision to make our game more stable and enjoyable so we moved the bugfixing up in our priority list. We added an ingame bug reporting system and this helped us to fix more than 300 minor and major issues (a couple of persistent and hard to trace ones too). To be able to use more advanced and modern mechanics and engines we migrated our project to Unity 2020 LTS. Besides these important changes we were able to add many new interesting features, some of the most important ones are: Grass trimming & Sickle, Ground cultivating & Shovel, new plants: Carrot & Corn, Hemp, Composter & Soil, new Tables & Beds, Big Forest, Muddy water & Pond, Big Forest Island & Archipelago, Tool Repair.

At last but not least – we have set up a Patreon for those who wish to support game development.

During the next year one of the big goals will be improving the gameplay in multiple ways: add more detailed and more in depth tutorials, hints and helps; finalize/change some of the mechanics to be more intuitive and user friendly; optimize the engine to have smoother FPS and eliminate even more issues. Of course, we won’t let the game lack of new content. We will continue to aim for expanding the already added features and adding even more and more content: more collectibles and recipes, new higher quality vegetation (also bigger jungle ones) , island types (bigger ones), animals (ocean and land), quests, story elements … We are planning for some more big changes/additions as well – let them be a surprise.

We hope that the community will continue to support us with new ideas, suggestions, and with their positive energy so we together can make our game even better. Some of the ideas we already received were truly inspiring and will find their way into the game sooner or later for sure.

Our next build will be released in March 2022, until then:
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Gamers4Gamers Team.