Alpha 36 – Salt & Vitamin C, Ground Sleeping, Coconut Fiber Torch


Hi everyone,

the new Escape the Pacific version ‘Alpha 36’ is now available.

For this update we were mainly focusing on fixing issues but we managed to add a new Salt and Vitamin C system too. The expanded sleep system allows to Sleep on the Ground and there is also a new Coconut Fiber Torch.

The new Salt and Vitamin C systems bring another bit of realism into the game. Salt can be found in Collectible bottles or can be distilled using Salt Water and some Water Holder object. The water evaporates quicker in the Sun but beware of the rain. It is needed to eat salted meal to keep the body’s salt level high otherwise the player characters health will begin to drop and eventually leads to death. Vitamin C can be found in some of the Fruits – more in Raw form fruits and less when fruits are dried or cooked. A high vitamin C level will ensure better protection from getting Cold and ill.

The sleep mechanic has been expanded to allow sleeping on the ground: on sand or grass. It is not as comfortable as sleeping on a Bed but can help out in difficult situations – or just to let time pass by.


Coconut Fiber Torches makes it easier to light up the nights when there aren’t spare bandages around to use.



New features:

01. Added: Salt mechanic
02. Added: Vitamin C mechanic
03. Added: Sleeping on Sand
04. Added: Sleeping on Grass
05. Added: Coconut Fiber Torch
06. Added: Boiled ‘Fish and Egg’ recipe
07. Added: Boiled ‘Meat and Egg’ recipe


01. Added: Wind affects Torch Smoke and Flames
02. Added: Dried meal increases Thirst
03. Added: Displaying Hunger and Thirst data for Recipes in Crafting menu
04. Added: Displaying Vitamin C for Fruits in Inventory
05. Changed: Inventory shows liquid levels with 0.1 precision in item details
06. Changed: Aiming at some cook-able recipe shows liquid levels with 0.1 precision
07. Added: Displaying Hotkey for Put Torch into Ground
08. Added: Displaying Hotkey for Extinguish and Empty equipped Lantern
09. Added: Displaying Hotkey for Sleeping on the ground


01. Fixed: Extinguishing Lanterns automatically Empties them
02. Fixed: Impossible to drop objects and open inventory when looking at Rocks
03. Fixed: Incorrect food type after cooking
04. Fixed: Sometimes unable to add water to just emptied Water Holder (After oil was present)
05. Fixed: Sometimes unable to add Boiled Meal to just emptied Water Holder (After oil was present)
06. Fixed: Incorrect setting of Nutri-values for some Food when put into empty Coconut Pots
07. Fixed: Unable to add Oil to Lantern when there was some oil left in it
08. Fixed: Incorrectly recognized Cook status of Fish and Coconut Oil
09. Fixed: UI showing drinkable amount of water in case of Oil present in Coconut Pots
10. Fixed: Not displaying Boiled Meal status in Inventory after save/load
11. Fixed: Grouping Raw and Boiled Oil in the Inventory
12. Fixed: Grouping Raw and Boiled Meal in the Inventory
13. Fixed: Coconut pot falling through ground when dropped after cooking
14. Fixed: Saved/loaded Fish Oil indicated as Water
15. Fixed: Sometimes unable to pick up Coconut Pot from Cooking place
16. Fixed: Sometimes unable to pick up dried food from Drying Rack
17. Fixed: Adding “normal Oil” to Fish or Coconut oil set the oil to “not cooked” state
18. Fixed: Evaporating Oil
19. Fixed: Evaporating Boiled Meal
20. Fixed: Sometimes unable to climb Ramps

As there were added a lot of new features in the last couple of releases for the next update we plan to continue with fixing the issues with higher priority. The additional plans include also the Fruit ripening, Fruit regrow, Door, Window, Spear, Smoker, Candle-lantern, Ship wrecks, Dolphins, Sharks … We will work also on solving the new issues and we will recheck some older issues too. Other new features will be added as implementing the planned features and fixing issues will allow us to.

Thank you for your patience and for your constructive feedbacks helping us to get rid of the issues as fast as is possible.

Do you like our game and want to help even more during development? We look forward to every positive review posted on our Steam page and thank everyone who decides to support us along the way!

Please be aware that during early access phase game code could change as much as affecting gameplay when loading/saving savegames from earlier versions. To always be on the safe side make sure to start a new game with each update. Thank you!


If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask us. We will try to answer your questions in detail.