Alpha 08 – Sleep system & Gameplay fixes


Hi everyone,

the new Escape the Pacific version ‘Alpha 08’ is now available.

For this update we were mainly focusing on the new Sleep system. The ‘disappearing brown coconut’ and a couple of save/load issues were also solved. Some UI improvements were done too.

The issues with not displaying built structures on other islands (except the starting island) along with the Ramp not attaching to the Raft are now finally fixed.

Newly added ‘Show Player Stats’ element in the Options screen toggles displaying players vital statistics added in the last Alpha 07 build on/off. The second new element in the Options screen is ‘V-Sync on’.

The “Tiredness increase speed” is set to even lower values when running, fast swimming and fast paddling to avoid getting annoyed by the new basic Sleep system. For this the Sleep screen has got some new interactive controls and added a Hint screen for explanation purposes: When tiredness exceeds some high value, player character begins to yawn and blink with increasing probability. Your player character could even fall asleep for a few ingame minutes (some seconds in real time). Yawning, blinking and Microsleeping probability is higher at night than during the day. In the future the time needed to fully recover by sleeping will depend on bed quality.


New features:

01. Added: New interactive Sleep screen
02. Added: Hint Screen for Tiredness
03. Added: Bed can be used with items equipped in hands
04. Added: Sleeping with an Axe in hands possible
05. Added: Sleep Screen can be closed with Escape key
06. Tweak: Tiredness increase value is even slower when running/swimming/paddling


01. Added: Options element for ‘V-Sync on’
02. Added: Options element for ‘Show Player Stats’

Save system:

01. Fixed: Fixed an issue causing buildings on other islands after save/load not shown
02. Fixed: Fixed an issue with rafts causing not being able to continue/load a previously saved game
03. Fixed: Fixed another issue with floatable objects causing not being able to continue/load a previously saved game


01. Fixed: Ramp built on Rafts is correctly registered to that Raft
02. Fixed: ‘Stop Sailing’ and ‘Stop Steering’ in ActionBar shows correct Key information again
03. Fixed: Brown Coconuts do not disappear after knife hits
04. Fixed: Hint Screens are not shown when Main Screen is shown
05. Fixed: Sleeping process will not stop because of Hint screens
06. Fixed: Sailing re-assigned keys works correctly
07. Fixed: Steering re-assigned keys works correctly

As the Raft system still has some major issues we will continue with extensive testing and we will try to fix as many of those issues as possible. Besides the raft system fixes we will finalize the Sleep screen and implement the functionality for ‘Sleep till SunSet’ and ‘Sleep till SunRise’ buttons.

There will also be new gameplay elements, models and functionality as far as fixing the remaining Save system/Raft issues allows us which we’ll take care of based on their severity.

Thank you for your patience and for your constructive feedbacks helping us to get rid of the issues as fast as is possible.

Please be aware that during early access phase game code could change as much as affecting gameplay when loading/saving savegames from earlier versions. To always be on the safe side make sure to start a new game with each update. Thank you!


If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask us. We will try to answer your questions in detail.