Alpha 04 – Tree chopping, Blueprint placement, Tweaks …


Hi everyone,

the new Escape the Pacific version ‘Alpha 04’ is now available.

For this update we were mainly focusing on fixing major and also minor issues which break gameplay. We also had another pass on the save system for including interactable objects placed on rafts in save data which we are going to see working in the “Night of the living Save 3” Update. We are happy to announce that the “chopped, frozen palm” problem could be eliminated too so palms separated from ground after chopping will not make them stuck in the air anymore.

Furthermore we have added a feature that provides continuous hitting at tree chopping, finalizing blueprint or crafting events. The continuous hit sequence begins with clicking and holding the left mouse button while focusing an interactable object and will last until the object in focus is either destroyed, crafted or if focus is drawn off.

For bigger objects blueprint placement method we have made improvements so now blueprints can’t be placed until they intersect with other objects or the player character (as in case of the Campfire). As for now this new placement method is available only for the Canoe, Raft Base modules and the Bed. Other craftable objects will follow if the new method performs well. As some of you were asking for this feature we have enabled additional speed values for the TimeFlow constant. Now it is possible to set values up to the ‘1 day’, which means that 1 ingame day will last as long as 1 real day. For certain situations you would want to speed up time a little bit in this 1-real-day-mode we are later going to implement one or two solutions.

Also some issues attaching/detaching Raft base modules were solved. As there are still remaining issues we look forward to players experiencing those issues reporting to us in detail what lead to this situation while we continue to work on those difficult to trace issues.


New features:

01. Changed: New Blueprint placement method added for: Canoe Log, Raft Base, Simple Bed
02. Changed: The continuous hit sequence with a tool can be triggered by holding the Left mouse button
03. Changed: The continuous Craft sequence with a tool can be triggered by holding the Left mouse button
04. Added: [Hold] text in the ActionBar for “Hit” button
05. Changed: Palm Tree falling mechanic. Trees won’t freeze in the air after chopping anymore
06. Changed: The TimeFlow constants in the Custom Game screen has been changed to: 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day


01. Fixed: Moving equipped tool from the Toolbelt “To Bag” doesn’t create tool clone
02. Fixed: Tool from toolbelt which is actually equipped in hand and being dropped from Inventory screen will now be correctly dropped
03. Fixed: Attempt to equip an item into hand with hotkey 1-4 from a toolbelt slot that has no item assigned does not break toolbelt functionality
04. Fixed: Dropping toolbelt from Inventory screen with toolbelt item held in hand also drops the held item correctly
05. Fixed: Toolbelt weight is re-calculated correctly when equipped toolbelt tool through hotkeys 1-4 is moved away from Toolbelt in Inventory screen


01. Fixed: Detaching of the “Root” Raft base module (the first to which the other Raft base modules were attached) is functioning correctly now
02. Fixed: Not completely detached Raft base modules do not break Raft functionality
03. Added: Raft base module icon in the ActionBar is now correct
04. Fixed: Attaching a Raft Base module to another Raft Base module which is already holding a Sail Mast doesn’t break raft functionality anymore


01. Fixed: Half Walls can be correctly built between Half Pillars also
02. Fixed: Robust and Weak Pillar Half modules have correct icons in Craft/Build menu now


01. Fixed: Coconut Pots are reusable after drinking from them
02. Added: Coconut Pots are preserving their “Drinkable” status after Save/load
03. Fixed: The ingame time is correctly set after Save/Regenerate/Load sequence
04. Tweak: Hunger/Thirst degradation rate while sleeping is set to 10% of the normal value
05. Tweak: Health regeneration rate while sleeping is set to 200% of the normal value
06. Fixed: Oysters have correct weight and volume
07. Fixed: Bashed coconuts still on trees do not make spawned stripped coconuts and coconut husks disappear when Palm Fronds are chopped off
08. Fixed: ToolBelt doesn’t get invisible when holding in Hands
09. Fixed: Small Rocks have correct size after dropped from hand again
10. Fixed: Correct starting of a New game after the previous game was saved_and_loaded far away from the starting island
11. Fixed: Correct “Regenerate” of a new starting island after the previous game was saved_and_loaded far away from the starting island
12. Fixed: Item names in the Description part of the Craft/Build menu aren’t clipped anymore
13. Fixed: Crab has correct ‘burned’ and ‘cooked’ icons in Inventory
14. Fixed: TimeFlow setting is correctly applied at game start
15. Tweak: The Shore Foam parameters were altered a little

We will continue to work on finalizing the functionality for the interactable objects placed on rafts at top priority. Upcoming features we plan to implement are mechanics to dismantle/destroy already built objects, also returning some of the ingredients. Besides that we’ll also keep an eye out for Inventory/Weight/Save system/Raft Attach/Detach issues which will be fixed based on their severity.

Thank you for your patience and for your constructive feedbacks helping us to get rid of the issues as fast as is possible.

Please be aware that during early access phase game code could change as much as affecting gameplay when loading/saving savegames from earlier versions. To always be on the safe side make sure to start a new game with each update. Thank you!


If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask us. We will try to answer your questions in detail.